The Piano Mover Guide You Can’t Ignore

The whole question of how to move a piano requires a lot of your attention to answer all for the specific case. No matter what the size of your piano is, the best ways to hire a piano moving service experienced enough to handle the biggest of relocation. Moving it by yourself is not a very good idea.

A moving company helping with your relocation will most probably have specialized equipment to move delicate instruments like a piano. Not everyone but a few is really specialized in moving a piano specifically. While the more specialized ones are more expensive, it is for the obvious reasons.

Piano Mover Guide

Let’s find out the type of piano you have

It’s important that you communicate your concerns to the company you hire. Unless you know the exact type of piano you have, you won’t be able to accurately convey exactly what the situation is. There are two major kinds of pianos. One is a vertical one and the other is a baby grand. The skills in a company you hire also differ proportionally to the size of the piano. While a baby piano can be moved by normal movers, the higher you move up the scale, it requires specialist piano moving.

The laws of piano moving

The place where you live sometimes poses some laws regarding piano transportation. Professional piano movers will know all this already and try to stick to them as much as possible.

Talking about the moving laws, there are some variables in the path of moving a piano. There might be a staircase, a doorway where the piano needs to be tilted to an angle, the transportation park, the distance of moving, other relocation items to be stuffed into limited space, etc. Distance would not be a problem but staircases and lack of space might be. You might need an increased number of workers to tackle those hindrances.

 Piano Mover Guide

How do piano movers move an upright piano?

Carefully is not the word. looking at your specific situation, piano movers will send their workers and the cost is decided. If there is no staircase in the way, 2-3 adults are enough. Otherwise, 4-5 adults will be required to move the piano without any risk. It’s not merely a process to place a four-wheeler underneath the piano but coordination of the team.

What time taken to move the piano from standstill to the truck might range from half an hour to one and a half hours. Again, it depends upon how the movers handle the instrument. the process might include wrapping, picking, moving and securing it some any damages.

 Piano Mover Guide

What to expect from professional piano movers?

The grand piano you want to move will travel its way on the board right from the old living room to the new one. There’s nothing to worry about that department. Things get a bit complicated when it comes to determining the price. You can also expect piano movers to provide your insurance. If any damages happen to the instrument, it will surely be borne by the company. It’s the duty of the piano shipping company to keep the personnel and the instrument says and insurance confirms the same.

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