Why are Resell Prices Higher for Unlocked Galaxy S7?

The reason for that is quite simple; the phones are worth a lot more when it can be used on any network, anywhere in the world. They simply cannot sell for a good price when it comes locked and restricted to just a single network. But why is there a big demand for unlocking of phones?

The main reason is that while people have been buying phones more than ever, the prices of the devices are also sky high. The best and the most sensible way to get these devices are through contracts, or so it might seem. Contracts on smartphones and other mobile devices are offered by carriers and networks, not manufacturers. They allow you to purchase the device for recurring monthly payments and also bundle in a plan they are actively promoting. The latter is not a very frequent addition and sometimes the only purpose of including such a plan is the promotion part.

What all of this leads to is that, you as a customer will be stuck using your phone on the same network for the duration of the contract and will have to go through issues such as spotty network, bad signal and much more. Once you finish the tenure of the contract, there is also no simple option to get rid of the lock; you are simply bound to it and often times the carrier will not help you unlock your device. So now the only feasible question remains, once you do finish your contract, how to unlock Samsung Galaxy S7 at&t?

There are quite simply many ways to get rid of a phone locked by a network. The reason why so many exist is because of the fact that, manufacturers do not intend their devices to be used on a single network and it is the carriers which put the lock. Often times with the help of unlock codes which are generated by the manufacturers; you can quite easily unlock your devices.

What does the process entail?

With the help of certain details such as your phone’s device number; the manufacturer details, in this case details about Samsung, the network information, and the IMEI number. The last part is perhaps the single most important part about any smartphone; the International Mobile Equipment identity number is unique to every device. These can help generate an unlock code on the manufacturer website, which you have to input on your phone in the boot settings, it simply allows you to use your device on any network after the process.

For security reasons, you should always consider taking the help of experts, ones who have done this process time and again. They can help solve the issue in minutes and they ensure that your phone stays out of harm’s way. They will also provide you with a full refund if it does not work. Once you have your unlocked Samsung Galaxy s7, you can go and use your phone on any network and even resell it for a good price.

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