How to Use Heat Pump Economically in Winters

How it feels when after spending hours in chilling winters outside, you enter into your house which has high temperature due to the heat pumps? Don’t you feel it to be a heaven! Heat pumps are the source of relief in winters. But, they become a source of worry too, because they have the highest contribution in the electricity bill during winters. Ultimately, we switch it off and prefer to remain in our quilt. But this winter you do not need to switch your joy over, because we will be telling you how to use heat pump economically. 

What is a heat pump?

If you don’t know what is heat pump or you are new to this device then let’s know what is it? A heat pump is a device whose working is based on refrigeration cycle and results in transfer of heat energy from one region to another. Everyone is aware about air conditioners, they transfer heat from building to outside. While heat pump works in same way but in opposite direction. Heat pumps are generally energy efficient but still there are possibilities that they will cost a lot more than you can expect. 

It becomes very helpful when we can predict how much will it cost if you will use your heat pump at particular temperature for a duration of time. Cost of electricity can be predicted by softwares and few websites.   A Winter Energy Calculator will help you make this prediction. It uses the data like weather conditions in your area, the electricity cost and certain other factors to exactly predict the energy usage and cost. 

So, if you find this cost really high then its better to change the way how you use the heat pump, otherwise be ready to pay huge amount! 

Ways to use heat pump economically this winter:

There are many ways that can really reduce your bill and you might think that these steps must have been made into use earlier. So, let’s try to list some of these methods:

Size of Heat Pump:

Heat Pump

Usually the large sized heat pump consumes more energy than smaller ones. So, if you are thinking to buy a Heat pump then go for small sized one instead of larger ones that require more energy and maintenance. But if you have bigger one then don’t worry other methods will work for you.


Many of us have a belief that setting heat pump at high temperature will quickly heat up the room and will be much more warming. But this is not the case, keeping high temperature will only consume lot more energy. So, the temperature must be set around at 18o C to 21o C. Moreover extreme temperature will cause harmful effects to your body.


It’s not at all worth to switch on the pump all the day. Switch the heat pump when you are there in the room. Moreover, its better to use a heat pump for few hours during night and morning only. Because the temperature during afternoon is quite tolerable. There is a myth p that leaving your heat pump switched on for entire day will reduce your bill. This is going to be the funniest thing to be heard, because it will result in an electricity bill that will take months to be paid!


Heat pumps have timers. A timer will be very useful for those who want to use their heat pump in an efficient and economical way. Setting a timer of 2-3 hours while sleeping or anytime will use only limited energy. You should set the timer as per your daily routine.

Maintenance of Heat Pump:

 A heat pump works for many years and hence it is very obvious that it will wear and tear. So, it’s very important to maintain the heat pump. Prevent blockage of filters, clean the fans, do not let snow to cover your pump, etc. If not maintained properly, heat pump will start using more energy and a lot more bill! 

So, try these methods to escape from the trap of extremely high electricity bills during winters.

Let’s summarise:

Heat pumps are very important to pass on your peak winters. A heat pump must be used economically to get away from the large amounts on electricity bill. The above-discussed methods will surely help those who do not use or use heat pumps just for few hours. So, it’s better to let heat pump a cause of your comfort instead of making it a tension!

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