5 Celebrities Who You Don’t Know Are Actually Farmers

Meta Description: Farming has become common among different people all over the world. Here is a comprehensive list of five farming celebrities which will definitely shock you!

There is beauty in farming

Did you know that a good number of Hollywood stars are farmers? For some, the pomp, color, and glamorous life of show business are hardly enough. Besides, if they weren’t acting or producing music, life would have had them planting and harvesting their crops. In many cases, a majority of these people only want a place to take their time off, relax, and enjoy some good family time.

It does not really matter if you grow vegetables such as garlic or butter lettuce, but still, hold the dream of being an actor or musician. Others have done it, more are doing it, and you should too!
Are you interested to know who some of these Hollywood or Broadway stars are? Here is a brief list.

Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were Also Farmers

  • Zach Galifianakis
  • Martha Stewart
  • Russell Crowe
  • Julia Roberts
  • Tommy Lee Jones

1.    Zach Galifianakis
Zach was born in Wilkesboro, North Carolina, in the United States of America. He performs a variety of tasks from being a comedian to being an amazingly gifted film producer. You may probably remember him from his roles in movies such as The hangover, or Birdman.
He has a farm in his hometown of North Carolina, but little is known on what he grows. When asked, Galifianakis only says that he simply lives there! So we’re left to wonder if there are any plans other than merely offering a place for family retreats.

2.    Martha Stewart


A good raspberry harvest

Martha is one of the leading role models, especially for young girls growing up. Born in the state of New Jersey, the United States, she has gone to become a leading businesswoman. Among her list of professions includes publisher, television producer, Author, and much more.

Maybe not so shocking to most of the people, Martha is one of the modern farmers we have around today. In her farm in Bedford, New York, she has grown a variety of crops. For example, flowers, gooseberries, rhubarb, and raspberries. Her garden is probably surrounded by the best pole saw, adding to the glamour and beauty of her farm..

3.    Russell Crowe


Ranching has been in Crowe’s family for generations

I think that Russell may be the most obvious person on this list. First, he was born in Wellington, New Zealand. He has grown up to become one of the leading musicians and actors of today, appearing in movies such as The Gladiator, and A Beautiful Mind.

In his farm in New South Wales, he raises and takes care of horses with his family. This is if he is not being a gladiator, or escaping a biblical flood by building a boat!

4.    Julia Roberts


Geese are quite a number in Julia’s farm

Julia was born in Georgia, United States of America. Over the years she has risen to great success, working as a television producer, actor, and film producer and also in voice acting. She is credited for her role in movies such as Closer, and My Best Friend’s wedding. However, there is more to Julia than what meets the eye.

Her ranch in Taos, NM appears as a place of pure relaxation. You wouldn’t expect to find any livestock or chicken. However, according to Oprah, Julia keeps a good number of geese.

5.    Tommy Lee Jones
At the ripe old age of sixty-nine, Tommy Lee Jones is re-defining ranching. He was born in Texas, United States and has emerged as one of the all-time great movie actors. You may remember him as the angry, old, man in the Men in Black movies. What’s so interesting about Tommy Lee Jones is his love for horse breeding and ranching. He has two horse ranches one in San Saba, Texas and the other in Palm Beach, Florida. He also has a neat polo field that will leave you wondering what type of lawnmower they use!

Having looked at some of the above-listed celebrities, you might wonder why they still practice farming. This, amongst other things, just shows how much passion and pride they as farmers.

Having now gone through this list, it’s safe to say that the world isn’t as it seems. If you’ve found it to be interesting, send it to your social media fan base. Why do you think celebrities today are so interested in farming?

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