5 Cool Ways to Add Life to Your Holi Party

The festival of colors, Holi is approaching. It helps people to come closer and nurture the bonds they share. With loved ones, friends, colleagues or close acquaintances, we all love to celebrate Holi every year.

But what about the Holi party this year? Do you have plans to organize the party? Fret not! You can enjoy the moments of colorfulness to the most while celebrating this festival. Follow these five cool ways to make the required arrangements for an exciting Holi party-

1. Create and Send Invitation to All

Of course, you want to celebrate Holi with all those who are close to your heart, be it your friends or loved ones. Getting Holi invitation cards printed and then sending them personally is a thing of the past. Instead, create attractive Holi party invitation online and send them to your peers through WhatsApp, or you can post the invitation on your FB wall and let all your friends and relatives know about your Holi party. Make sure all those with whom you want to celebrate Holi are cordially invited.

2. Pep it Up with Holi Music

Along with colors, Holi is the festival of being in high spirits, dancing and having fun. So, make sure you have all the Holi special songs lined up to be played during the celebration time. From the classic tune of Rang Barse to the modern rhythm of BalamPichkari, play them all with full blast. In case you feel over-excited about this festival like ever before, you can even call for some DesiDhol to add more fun.

3. Savor Delicious Indian Sweets and Drinks

Besides the fervor and zeal of colors in the air, Holi is known and loved by people because of the delicious Indian sweets, snacks and drinks. For foodies, this festival comes with the delight of enjoying Gujiyas, thandai, pakori and much else altogether. You can also surprise the children in the party with pichkarisand colorsas Holi Gifts bought online.

4. Dress up for Holi

Avoid thinking that your old clothes are just perfect for the Holi party. Instead, buy new white clothes that you feel most comfortable in. Men can pair their clothing with a trendy Topi, while women can wear an attractive, vibrantDupattaduring the party time.

Ever wondered why wearing white is preferred for Holi celebration? Well, that is because with the colors sprinkled over your clothes, you can tell how well you have enjoyed the festival.

5. Throw a Post Holi Party

A lot can happen over sweets, drinks and colors to play with. That also means even if you do not love to play Holi, you can meet your friends or neighbors to share their Holi stories. So, organize a Post Holi party for which they all can come after playing with colors the whole day. This is indeed, a safe way to keep yourself uncolored, while also enjoying the festival before it ends.

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