How To Pack Your Furniture Before Moving

We know that packing is the most challenging and laborious part of moving. In such a case, certain packing rules and strategies are laid down to make the process less tedious and time-consuming. However, the methods used for packing some items may be different from the packing techniques used for heavy furniture. This is basically the greatest packing challenge you have to face when moving.

To be able to successfully cope with this hard task, here are few tips to properly pack your furniture for your upcoming relocation.

1. Come up with an efficient furniture moving strategy – Having a trouble-free moving experience has something to do with preparing everything in advance, especially when it comes to larger pieces of furniture. If you want to make the right decision, develop a good packing strategy through these tips:

  • Create an inventory of your furniture – List down the type of furniture pieces you own including their quantity and their current condition. By making an inventory, you can be able to determine what kind of packing supplies you’ll need to pack the furniture.
  • Draft a floor plan of your new home – Of course, it’s essential to evaluate the available space and the layout of your new place. This is to find out which pieces of old furniture can or can’t fit in.
  • Take measurements – Measure the width, height, depth, and diagonal dimensions of your furniture to figure out how much space you’ll need to move them into your new home. Also, don’t forget to take measurements of the doors, entryways, stairways, and height clearances.

2. Identify which furniture pieces to disassemble – Relocating can be a stressful experience, especially if you have to deal with heavy items such as your furniture. To make packing a smooth one, consider taking apart items which don’t fit through doorways or a narrow staircase. For instance, a list of things that you may be disassembled may include beds, desks, tables, and wall cabinets.

3. Buy packing materials – You shouldn’t load your furniture in a moving truck without wrapping it in using a protective material. The moment you complete your inventory, it’s time to consider the supplies you’ll need to transport each piece of furniture safely. For example, couches should be packed in blankets and tape while a lamp should be wrapped in a bubble wrap. By purchasing packing supplies, it means getting hold of items such as a plastic wrap, packing tape, blankets, markers, and many more.

4. Disassemble your furniture – It’ll be much easier to move and to avoid damage if you remove the detachable parts from your furniture. To do that, you should do the following:

  • Refer to the manual for the appropriate instructions for taking a particular piece apart.
  • Place the screws and other small hardware parts into a plastic bag.
  • Pack those larger disassembled parts in proper boxes.
  • Disassemble your furniture the day before your move-in date or earlier than that.

5. Wrap your furniture in a safe manner – As long as you follow the best tips for packing every piece of furniture, you always have a higher chance to get your items delivered to your new home in good working condition. Below are some ways to pack your furniture safely and efficiently:

  • Cover furniture with pads or blankets for protection. Be sure to wrap the top and bottom of the item as well as its entire circumference. When it comes to larger pieces, you may need several pads or blankets.
  • Secure the covers with a plastic wrap. Wind it around the furniture until you come across with the starting point. You should remember that for a long distance move, the plastic wrap you’ll use can help protect your pieces from any dirt or dust.
  • Cover fragile items with bubble wrap. You always want additional protection for delicate objects. Thus, if you want to prevent scratches or other damage, wrap your pieces with bubble wrap on top of the plastic wrap and secure them with packing tape.
  • Be sure you have sufficient space when packing a furniture piece so that no other items will get in the way and be damaged.
  • Make sure to secure your furniture on a dolly up until you move it into the truck.

6. Hire professional movers – Again, packing your furniture can be a tricky thing. If you don’t have the right knowledge and resources to pack these items on your own and move them to NYC or other cities, consider hiring a professional moving company NYC. Enlisting their help can go a long way since they have the right skills and equipment to get things done correctly and safely.


Indeed, there’s no easy way to get your furniture packed in a safe manner. Everything should be planned and organized to obtain successful results. By following the tips above, your pieces of furniture will not only be well-protected but will also be ready for shipment. However, you can also rely on the expertise of some professionals like Movers NYC in terms of packing these items to relieve yourself from the stress of moving.

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