Cool coffee tables for your home

The living room is placed in your home and that is a place where most families spend time together and they are all gathered around the coffee table. Today you can find cool coffee tables on the market. Sitting and drinking coffee on the cool coffee table is a special experience.

Oval Mod Swivel Home Coffee Table

This table first time is made in 1980 but still looks very cool and you can blend it very easy with your other modern furniture. The table has a shiny surface with clean lines. The reason why this table is cool is not only the design, but also the fact that the table can rotate and you will get more space.

Foosball Home Coffee Table

Foosball coffee table is a great piece for a man cave because it looks cool but in another hand, you can always play foosball with it. This type of table can be a great gift for your husband or boyfriend. There are few different foosball coffee tables on market but they all have the similar look and same function. A great feature that a table like that has to have is tempered glass on top so you can play foosball at the same time and hole your coffee on the top of the table.

DIY Coffee Table

The DIY project is a great type of entertainment. You can find different types of DIY projects: how to make coffee tables and each looks great. One of the simplest DIY coffee tables is made from 4 crates that are fixed together. I suggest putting tempered glass on every DIY coffee table.

Paper Table

This is one of the coolest tables on the list. This design is awesome and it is also eco-friendly. The table is made from recycled sheet of paper with laser cutting. The Paper table is made and designed by Matt Gagnon. Great features of this table are cuts in the table that are made for storage for the newspaper and magazine.

Jet Home Coffee Table

Lorraine Brennon made this awesome coffee table in the shape of the paper plane. This table shape symbolizes what it is like waking up like a kid, while you drinking morning coffee.

Serpent Home Coffee Table

The table is made of a combination of tempered glass and darkwood. It is interesting how table surface (which is made of the tempered glass) stays in the air. Those types of tables are made for people with attitude.

Nesting Home Coffee Table

Nesting table is a creative table for small rooms. It is actually table made from 2 or more tables. All tables are the same but one is smaller than another. So, when you need them you can use it, but if you don’t need them you can put them in each other. On the market, you can find a lot of different style and design.

Alburni Coffee Tables

This table is a great balance between engineering and nature. Legs of the table are made from steel and they present engineering part of the table. The table surface looks like transversal cut oak veneer that represents nature. This is a great looking coffee table with cool details.

Driftwood Coffee Table

Also, one table that is more connected with nature and gives your living room some natural atmosphere. Every driftwood has its own story and that makes this table so cool. On the driftwood you have to put tempered glass so you can have nice and usable surface. You can choose between circulating and rectangular glass.

Stone Coffee Table

Stone table is cool and simple coffee table that very nice goes with modern design. This table will give your room elegant look. On the market, you can find a lot of different stone coffee tables or you can give someone to make you a custome table. Also, there are a lot of tables that are made from other materials but still look like stone.

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