Nutrition of Small Dog – Get Help with Dog Food Coupons

When thinking about small dogs, we come to mind some attributes: sweethearts, active, easy to maintain, perfect for the apartment, eat a little, etc. Looking at the furry friend, you’re wondering if he’s actually eating something and it’s probably straightforward to feed him. However, it’s not like that!

Small dogs have some peculiarities to other big dogs, who also look at food. Small dogs live longer, sometimes almost as much as a giant dog, so they need a well-built immune system that stays vigorously for a more extended period of time. The Kibble Coupons ensure that you can get the best food for your small dog at a great price.

The small dog has a stomach and a digestive tract smaller in size. So he can not store as much food as is needed to meet metabolic needs. As a result, the little dog must receive a lot of energy in a small amount of food.

Most miniaturized dogs are energetic, an extra reason to give them a high-calorie diet. Of course, adapt the type and amount of food depending on your dog’s activity level. Not all small dogs are fussy. If you have a “couch” puppy that is sitting all day, then ask your veterinarian about how much food to receive.

Obesity is the most common in small dogs. Besides putting less physical effort, small dogs have the quality to be spoiled by masters. Blind eyes know how to chew, and the master burns anxiously to destroy his dog with all sorts of “unsuspecting” snacks. Do not overeat the small dog, provide dry food as it is written on the pack. If you also receive some rewards, or home-made meals, reduce the number of bobbies (under the close supervision of your veterinarian).

Feeding for small dogs

Feeding for small dogs

Commercial dry food is specially formulated for the dog’s energy needs from a sure waist and with a certain level of physical activity. Always choose a type of food for small dogs.

Higher energy level

This is richer in protein and fat, good quality, to give the little dog all the nutrients for proper growth and development, as well as immune system strengthening, long and long-term. The egg, the chicken and the fish should be fed among the food ingredients for small dogs. These are valuable sources of essential amino acids. See more here.

Immune system

We agreed that these little dogs live a lot over 12 years. To survive so much, a reliable and robust immune system is needed. This is done only through a balanced and correct diet. Their diet should include vitamin E and antioxidants. The grape seed extract is proven to have enormous antioxidant potential. Look for a food brand for mini dogs that also contain this ingredient.

Dental health

The small dog lives longer, so he needs his dental-maxillary device more intense. This makes dental complaints often common in small dogs. Gingival inflammation, bleeding, tartar and cavities are often diagnosed in their turn. The secret of optimal dental health is still in the diet. Provide your dog with dry food, which causes it to give birth and thus stimulates the flow of blood into the gums and prevents the deposition of tartar. The shape of the granules is essential in this case. It should not be too small for the dog to swallow the unmixed and not too big to make a considerable effort to break them. Beans of the size of a grain or corn bean are ideal for maintaining proper oral hygiene.


Another attribute of small dogs is that they are moody to food. So food for them must be very appetizing. This is achieved by using natural ingredients of good quality. Look for high meat and fat meal with few grains and additives.

In conclusion, give your little dog proper nutrition for his waist, high energy value, high-quality protein, and a pleasant taste.

The protein content of the feed is made by using various sources, which may be of animal or vegetable origin. The protein sources used are thus combined so that the feed administered contains all the essential amino acids in the quantities and proportions required by the canine.

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