How to switch your small business to a new energy supplier?

First check your contract

It is important that you find out information before you start switching such as when your contract runs out and if you need to give notice before you switch supplier contracts. It is also important to check how much energy you are using on your current contract by checking your bills or calling up your supplier. It is also recommended that you check if you can switch energy suppliers by making sure you’re not still tied in with your old contract and also that you are not on a default tariff when the old one has expired and you are unaware of it.

Check if the contract is cheaper

It is always beneficial to call up your supplier and ask if they can give you a better deal that is more cost-effective for you. They will tell you if there is a cheaper tariff available and will sign a new contract for this. Although price is very important you should also consider the length of the contract and ask questions such as if the price varies over time and if you need to give notice to end the contract as these things could be a make or break. If you are struggling to pay your current energy bills you should ask your supplier for help or advice on the next steps to take and possibly offer you a more suitable option. It is always important to not accept the first offer you’re given and instead take time to think about it and consider it alongside other offers you may have been given and compare prices to see which is the better offer. If a price is not sounding good enough for you, negotiating is always a good way to get suppliers to offer lower prices and get special deals.

Compare contracts

It can be difficult to find a contract at a good price that is suitable for your situation. To help with this, businesses offer energy comparison websites that allow you to discuss details about the contract and discuss prices that may be more affordable for you. This is done through an energy broker who negotiates these contracts and finds the best deals for you at a charge. Using a broker allows you to find the best contract much easier as the hard work is done for you. When comparing you must consider if the contracts have any other additional charges that come with it, how long the contract lasts for compared to others, and any cancel fees you may have to pay. A broker will usually consider all these factors when deciding on the best deal for you.

What is faster switching?

This is when you want to change your old energy supply contract and swap it for a new, more advanced one with more benefits that suit you. Once you’ve decided to switch the old company stops supplying and the new contact starts and begins to supply you with much better energy.

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