Everything You Need To Open Your First Bar

Opening a bar may be the perfect option if you’re a social butterfly and want to start a business. It’s the ideal business adventure for those who love to be around people, listen to music, and want an exciting career.

However, starting any business is difficult, as there are many steps you must take before you can open your doors. But what are those steps? In this article, you’ll learn everything you need to know when it comes to opening your first bar.

Business Permits and Licenses

One of the most critical factors for a legally operating successful business venture is obtaining the correct business permits and licenses. Depending on your state, this could include a liquor license, food license, tobacco or gaming permit, employment certifications, zoning permits, and other documents.

These may take time to acquire and will likely involve an application process with the local government. The cost of these can vary depending on location but are typically required for any bar owner to remain compliant with the law. While it may seem tedious to begin, having all the necessary official documentation is essential for any business’s success.

The Right Bar Equipment

An operational bar requires drinking straws for many drinks like cocktails and slushies and basic drinking glasses for serving beer, wine, and spirits. Other necessary bar equipment includes the following below:

  • Ice chests
  • Beer taps and bottles of wine
  • Buckets or coolers to store ice cubes
  • Blenders and juicers to craft unique cocktails
  • Knives to chop garnishes and fruit
  • Glassware made explicitly for individual spirits, such as whiskey glasses
  • Shakers and strainers
  • Jiggers for exact measurements when mixing drinks

You may also need a water basin so bartenders can clean their hands while working behind the bar. When the right equipment is in place, a successful system is formed that will appeal to any customer looking for a relaxing night out.

A Great Location

The location you pick for your bar is essential to how successful it will be. Most bar owners decide to stick with a site in the downtown area of a city. This is due to it being the busiest area of the town.

However, more goes into play when choosing a location for your bar. Below are other factors you should consider when picking a location

Parking area and accessibility: One issue many people have with downtown is barely any parking space. Customers may skip your bar if you find a location with little to no parking space. Instead, choose a place with enough space for parking and is not a tight squeeze.

Demographics: Choose a location on the preferred demographic you want to visit your bar. For example, if you wish to higher-end people to visit your bar, you wouldn’t choose a location near a university.

Your bar style: Speaking of demographics, think about the overall style of your bar. Will your bar be more casual, or will it be elegant? This will help you find a location for the type of customers you want in your bar.

Lastly, keep in mind on the zoning restrictions of a location. For example, some city areas prefer a bar not to open only in a particular spot. So, keep this in mind when trying to find a location for your bar.

Decor for Your Bar

How you style your bar will either attract customers or keep them away. How you style your bar will either attract customers or keep them awayType furniture, colors, and decorations will matter.

Of course, styling can be difficult to do on your own, so you should hire an interior designer. However, if you can’t do this due to budget, consider going to Pinterest for bar-style inspiration.

Bar Point of Sale Systems

As an owner, you need to keep track of your inventory. The best way to do this is to integrate a point-of-sale bar system into your technology. By doing so, you can keep track of the costs of sales of your inventory.

Some favorite examples of point-of-sale bar systems include Avero and BevSpot. These systems make it easier to set prices and learn which items are the most profitable in your business.

An Excellent Staff

You can take all the proper steps to make your bar successful, but your business will surely suffer if you don’t have the right employees.

For your bar’s success, you will need employees who are quick on their feet, pleasant to be around and take their job seriously. So, when looking for employees, ensure their personality and skills match working in a bar.

Your Bar Will Succeed if You Follow These Tips

Opening a business is challenging, and when you need to know what steps to take, it makes the adventure even more difficult. However, these tips above will ensure your success as a bar owner.

Make sure to get all the legal work done, pick the right location, and hire great employees. By doing so, your dreams of becoming a bar owner will finally come true.

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