8 Ways To Cut Costs On Your Newspaper Subscriptions

People read newspapers to stay updated about various news items as they unfold. This includes sports, entertainment, the country’s political and economic situation, technology, international trade, and commerce.

Ideally, reading newspapers is a good habit as it widens your outlook and enriches knowledge. Additionally, you’ll be better equipped to form opinions on current world events.

However, purchasing newspapers can be expensive, especially if you require one daily. And while newspaper subscriptions may be a better alternative than buying from the local newsstand, you may still be paying a premium for your newspaper subscription. Therefore, here are some ways to cut costs:

1. Use A Discounted Service

Most discounted services charge lower prices for various newspapers. Before considering a subscription offer from a local supplier, research a reputable newspaper discounter with the best paper deals, including discounted newspaper delivery subscriptions.

Also, check their deal site daily to see if there are local deals. Sometimes, they discount local subscriptions deeply, which can significantly reduce your newspaper subscription costs. 

2. Get An Online Subscription

Consider trading in your paper subscription for an online newspaper subscription. Both provide the same content, but you’ll likely be charged less for an electronic subscription. That’s because online services don’t incur costs on newsprint or physical production, so they pass along some cost savings to their clients.

Fortunately, some online providers may allow you to read top newspaper stories on the web for free. While you may not access the complete newspaper, you can read the most popular news items. And if you’re well informed, especially on topics you’re most interested in, you can skip a newspaper purchase for the day. 

3. Ask For A Better Rate

If you incur high costs for your newspaper subscription, contact the newspaper to request a better deal. The company might consider charging a lower rate, especially if you’ve been a long-term loyal client.

You might be drawn to always subscribe to a specific newspaper because they excel at coverage of the key topics you love. In that case, if you negotiate a better rate than the full price, the organization can reward you with a good offer for staying loyal to the brand.

4. Sign Up For An Introductory Offer

Many newspapers offer the best rates for new customers. For example, they can charge half the standard rate to welcome newcomers. In that case, if you’re a new subscriber, you can sign up for an introductory offer if the deal is currently available.

And if the newbie discount expires, you can switch papers to take advantage of other introductory offers. However, this strategy only works if you’re not picky about the newspaper you read. 

Also, note that other companies have discounts for customers who’ve not subscribed for a while, usually for the last six months. Therefore, if it’s been a long time since you last subscribed, you can call the paper to confirm your eligibility for a discount.

5. Extend Your Subscription

Usually, short-term subscribers are charged higher subscription rates compared to longer subscribers. The longer a customer subscribes, the more customers the organization retains and the more revenue.

Therefore, most newspapers offer long-term subscriptions at a discounted rate to attract more clients and extend customer-business relationships. So, consider purchasing a longer subscription since you’re more likely to get a discount on your rate.

6. Right-Size Your Subscription

You can right-size your subscription by changing the frequency of receiving the paper. It’s ideal if you don’t read the newspaper daily or are only interested in content published on specific days.

For instance, if you love the news stories in the weekend paper, you can choose a weekend-only subscription. This way, you can stop paying for unread papers.

7. Share Your Subscriptions

You can find co-subscribers to split the cost of your subscription with. For example, if you and your neighbor have a habit of reading newspapers in the morning, you can opt for a shared subscription. It’s even better if you have different interests.

For instance, you may primarily subscribe to get coupons, while your neighbor is interested in sports content. In that case, each of you will get the sections they want and a reminder to send their share of the subscription.

8. Check If You Can Get A Sunday Bonus Paper

Some local newspapers may circulate a Sunday bonus paper to the locals. They usually contain an array of subjects covering the specific region in-depth. Therefore, you can call the local paper to inquire if they have such an offer.  


Newspapers are a medium for delivering useful information to the target audience. They bring ideas and current events to life.

Therefore, if you have a habit of reading them, the above are some ways you can save money on your newspaper subscriptions. Most importantly, choosing a newspaper subscription service with discounted offers is best to shave some amount off your bill.

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