Forbidden Manga’s Chapter: The Main Character Is The Villain 23

In too many stories in the past, we have seen the hero turns into a villain. Besides, “The main character is the Villain 23” is a part of the ‘Forbidden’ manga series. Thus, this is one of the series’ biggest twists thus far. Seo Joon (the primary protagonist) was born with superpowers.

Which helps him defeat his enemies, whether they have powers or not. Chapter 22 shows Seo Joon as a gentle & caring hero who respects the female lead. This blog article will explain what occurs when the main character is the villain 23 is told to be.

Describe Seo Jun’s Role In “The Main Character Is The Villain 23

Seo Joon set a journey to discover his life’s meaning and destiny. Then, he went into a deep dark jungle and lived there for five years. During his travels, Seo Joon finds numerous secrets and marvels of the globe.

Thus, he was sitting beneath a tree contemplating one day when he heard an odd sound. A voice came from behind the tree. The tree first informed him that only Seo had access to his voice. Certainly, he was frightened that what he was witnessing.

After a while, the tree inquired of the Seo regarding some of its previous life. At this point, the tree told him to lead and that his body kept an unknown and invisible power. Seo swore the tree that he would never have to worry about his adversaries.

Thus, the ancient tree replied that he is going to face enemies using massive and powerful weapons. Finally, the tree warned him that his strength might corrupt him and transform him into a monster in people’s lives. He has heavily armed thieves and marauders.

Seo fought and overcame them despite being alone and defenseless. Therefore, when the struggle began, he felt an odd force, wrath, and strength within him. The tree gave him the power to reveal himself.

About Forbidden Manga Series

Mangas are an excellent method to read exciting novel series. Concurrently, they transfer the reader to a fantastic realm. Forbidden is a manga series about love, romance, and fantasy. Previous chapters revealed that Seo Joon, the male protagonist, embarks on an adventure where he meets Jeong, the love of his life.

On this occasion, they fell in love right away and began interacting often. Seo grew up in a kingdom as the empire’s lone heir. As a result, he adored and cherished his parents. He is the most attractive man in every part of the kingdom.

SEO has everything a person might want. He was afraid of what life had in store for him. Besides, one day he went into the wild forest for his wealth. Perennially, he had spent the previous five years of life in that deep, impenetrable jungle.

However, he met some of the world’s wonders, miracles occurred to him, and he eventually found his destiny. Continue reading The Main Character Is The Villain 23 and know how he met Jeong and what happened next.

Plot- The Main Character Is The Villain 23

Seo is the protagonist of the Forbidden manga series. He is the story’s antagonist in Chapter 23. Throughout his exploits, Thus, Seo met and beat several adversaries. He also meets Jeong Suk, the story’s female lead (she was known for her beauty).

So, on the other hand, he was exceedingly proud and cocky of his power and might. He is also skeptical and nervous about human reality. Indeed, he even began to suspect Jeong.

He even murdered Jeong, who kept him in all his battles. Eventually, gentle, caring, and virtuous Seo turns into an evil villain.

Timeline Of The Story

The Main Character Is The Villain 23” takes place in a fictitious universe that is similar to our own in many respects. Thus, the sequence of events is not set. However, it is safe to presume that the novel takes place in the current day or a dystopian future.

Navigate A Story With Villains And Protagonists

It is difficult to read a narrative with a villain and a main character. Particularly, if you’re used to pulling for the underdog. Nevertheless, there are numerous ways readers might use to traverse the intricacies of an anti-hero story. Among the most notable are:

1. Keep in mind that the main character is not your traditional hero, and their acts may contradict your moral compass.

2. The story’s setting and narrative can give vital insight into how the character behaves.

3. Understanding the character’s motives and beliefs will allow you to empathize with their decisions.

Pros And Cons Of The Forbidden Manga Chapter 23

Like any story or manga series, The Main Character Is The Villain 23 has several pros and cons. Some of the mangas pros and cons are noted below:


  • Subverting Audience Expectations: A malicious main character is a welcome change from the traditional heroic story.
  • Characters with depth and complexity: Villainous main characters have more nuance and depth than typical heroes, allowing for more intriguing reading.
  • Complex issues: In stories featuring an evil protagonist, such as ethics and human nature.


  • Solitary People Who Read: Not everyone enjoys reading about morally ambiguous or corrupt people.
  • Difficulties rooting for individuals: Readers may find it difficult to sympathize with a person whose activities are morally dubious.
  • Risk of Praising Bad Behaviour: If not handled properly, stories with an evil protagonist run at the danger of glorifying immoral behavior.

Bottom Line

Seo Jun is the protagonist of the Forbidden manga series (The Main Character Is The Villain 23). He was the only successor to his throne. Indeed, Seo was tall, gorgeous, and charming. In his journey to discover his destiny, he goes on an adventure that grants him invisibility powers.

accordingly, using such abilities, he slew and tormented his foes, including his precious Jeong, and became the antagonist in his love tale.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the main plot The Main Character Is The Villain 23?

Seo is the protagonist of the Forbidden manga series. He is the story’s antagonist in Chapter 23.

2. Is it possible to redeem the villainous main character?

While the villainous main character can break free, it’s not always necessary or desirable. Sometimes a character’s actions are too heinous to forgive, and trying to redeem them can feel out of place with the story’s themes.

3. Why do readers enjoy stories with villainous protagonists?

Readers enjoy stories with villainous protagonists because they subvert expectations and offer a new perspective on morality. These narratives challenge readers to think critically about what constitutes good and evil.

4. Are there any downsides to writing a story with a villainous main character?

One of the downsides of writing a story with a villainous main character is the risk of alienation. Additionally, these narratives can sometimes glorify unethical behavior if not handled well.

5. How can you avoid a villainous main character being one-dimensional?

Additionally, make sure their actions have real consequences throughout the story.

6. Can a villainous main character also be an anti-villain?

Yes, a villainous main character can also be an anti-villain, which we saw in The Main Character Is The Villain 23.

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