Top 3 2016 Summer Interior Design Trends

The modern interior is constantly changing as trends popping up all of the time. With the increase in social media, people are increasingly being subjected to stunning homes as well as the emerging trends of the time. As a result, the interest in interior design has skyrocketed and now everyone wants to replicate what they’re seeing online in their own homes. As summer is now underway, it is perfect timing to get on board with these trends and establish your own style to impress all of your guests. With some subtle alterations, you can transform your home into something that you’re proud of.


Get Rid of Those Gadgets

2016 is the year of bringing the family back. Finally, we are seeing an end to constant digital obsession as the emphasis has now switched to focusing on spending quality time together as one. For years now children and even parents (although they won’t like to admit it) have been so technologically absorbed, that we’re lost sight of a traditional living room as now they are filled with TV’s, iPads, laptop’s and smartphones. A welcome trend for families across the country, interaction in the home is returning as we’re beginning to see a rise in tech-free living rooms that are being created solely for the purpose of spending quality time together to converse.

Show Off Your Spirit

As much as we all want our homes to look like the show homes we see off of the millions of tv programmes or Instagram pictures we are subjected to, it’s simply not realistic. It is near impossible to keep up with all the fleeting trends, which is why this summer people are being encouraged to rather than jump on board with the next new ‘in’ thing, invest in something that shows off their personality. Take those empty spaces & dull walls and add more of a personal touch to your interior. Think of this as an opportunity to add a splash of colour that will redefine your space. Whether it’s a bespoke piece of furniture, a canvas painting, a wall sticker or kooky coffee table, you can showcase your personality in a variety of ways. Rather than just picking something for the sake of it looking good, why not find something that represents who you are. It is a guaranteed focal point; you just have to find that piece!

Bring The Outside, Inside

A big trend for this summer is moving your outdoor furniture inside. As strange as this sounds, is it one of the easiest ways to update your home. With the advancements in furniture designs, they can now seamless interchange in between your interior and exterior. A second living area or a new conservatory is the ideal place for outdoor furniture, and it is especially useful for in the winter months when you aren’t getting as much use from it outside. Whether its rattan or cane furniture, this type of furniture is always a hard-wearing option and now there are a whole host of fabrics options to match your rooms interior. Unlike the typical conservatory furniture that you’d expect people to buy, the reason why this is proving so popular is due to the way you can utilize your furniture for duel purposes. Complete the look by pairing your suites with large plants and palms to create an indoor paradise. As skeptical as you may be, you’ll quickly see that this is both practical and comfy. What more could you want?

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