Three Of The Best Infrared Grills Under 300

If you love cooking for your family, then you won’t mind showing off your skills to your friends at your out door party. Traditional grills have a type of charm that is comparable to no other, but there more modern counterparts make things so much easier for the chef courtesy to there advanced cooking technology. This is why more and more people prefer using them than the traditional ones. If you are looking for a cooking appliance that will up your game and wow your friend with you culinary skills without breaking you bank, then you will love this article.

Today, we are going to list the best of the best hoping that you will be able to choose the best infrared grill under 300 by the time you finish reading this piece. Here we go!

Our Under $300 Infrared Grill Choices

Performance TRU Infrared 450 by Char-Broil

One of the top low priced and yet high performing grills for you currently in the market is the Char-Broil Performance TRU 450. This well-designed grill retails for under $300, perfect for your budget. The grill has 450 square inches of space for you to prepare you favorite barbecue meal for your friends and family. With this kind if space, you are free to prepare any kind of meal you desire in your backyard for the amusement of those who love you. Another benefit of using this affordable grill the ability to prepare more than one dish simultaneously, without wasting a lot of your valuable time.

This grill is also very easy to operate. It features an ignition button, which makes igniting it as easy as pushing a single button. Once ignited, the grill burns at a temperature of nearly 10,000 BTU. This heat radiates inside the grill and you should expect to eat an evenly and thoroughly cooked food. The heat is also evenly distributed, which is great for steak meals in bringing out finest juicy flavors. Apart from that, this gas grill’s cooking surface is made or stainless steel and coated with porcelain enamel, materials that are great for stopping meals from getting stuck on the cooking surface. To top it all, this great and affordable grill has side burners.

The only drawback to this grill is its weight. Even though it is somewhat heavy, the manufacturers were thoughtful enough to add wheel attached to its base for easy maneuverability. This grill also has a gauge that constantly monitors the heat inside it, therefore, offering you better heat control.

Performance TRU Infrared 300 by Char-Broil

You can also tryout the Char-Broil Performance TRU 300 if the 450 seems too big or too heavy for your maneuverability and available backyard cooking space. Though this grill is designed to be small in size, it is big on cooking features.

This grill offers 300 square inches of cooking space. To add to that, it has folding shelves that help you save on space, and make it look smaller than the 450. Though it is not as spacious as other variants on the market, it still gives you enough space to work.

The folding shelves on this grill give you the space you need to carefully prepare your steak before preparing it to the delight of your guests.

This grill is also made of porcelain-coated materials, which are great for cooking surfaces and are easy to clean and also offer durability. The temperature of the stainless steel burners are also adjustable, meaning that you can choose to cook your food at high or low heat according to your needs.

Before we forget, this grill has an electronic ignition system, which gives you the ability to light it easily and prepare your meal.

The only problem we could find with this great, affordable grill is that it does not have a side burner. Otherwise, you should definitely get it.

TRU Infrared Electric Patio Bistro 240 Grill by Char-Broil

If you are someone who prefers electricity to propane gas or charcoal to fuel your cooling, then this is the perfect affordable grill for you. The fact that it is electric means that it is free of smoke, something that is good for the environment and the o-zone layer. If you live in an apartment, a patio, a condo, or generally any accommodation that doesn’t offer a lot of open space, this is the perfect grill for you. The grill only requires a standard 240v power outlet and you are good to go.

If you were looking for a barbecue grill, choose one of the above-mentioned for it qualifies to be called the best infrared grill under $300.

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