Shopping for the Best Pheromones for Men

Throughout the ages men have searched for ways to attract women. Back in the Cave Man days all you needed was a big club, today it’s a little more complicated than that. In today’s dating game you need to dress impeccably, be well groomed, nails manicured, drive a nice car and that still may not help you attract women or get you dates. Many men have discovered by using pheromones they have a distinct advantage over other men attracting women. We are going to look at the best methods to use when shopping for the best pheromones for men.

 best pheromones for men 

Men naturally produce pheromones when they sweat through their arm pits and groin areas. Women subconsciously pick up this scent through their olfactory track which sends the pheromones to the behavioral center of their brain. If the scent is positive it indicates the male is healthy and fertile which causes a sexual reaction in the women. Through scientific studies, pheromone manufacturers have developed a way to produce these positive pheromones for you to use attracting women. Some of the best pheromones for men are Pherazone, Nexus Pheromones and True Pheromones.


These companies have created specific blends of pheromones utilizing pheromone ingredients such as;

  • Astrostenone, this pheromone compound signals dominance while attracting the opposite sex.
  • Astrosterone, this pheromone compound represents masculinity
  • Alpha-androstenol, this compound elevates attraction and makes women more comfortable while in your presence.
  • Epiandrosterone, this compound makes you seem or appear more youthful. Androstenedione, this compound elevates sexual responsiveness and produces a feeling of caring.
  • Beta-androstenol, this compound is commonly known as the ice breaker pheromone.

Pherazone, Nexus Pheromones and True Pheromones have established themselves as leaders in the pheromones industry by providing pheromone products proven to work at an affordable price helping men attract women. Each company offers specific blends so a man can entice women and gain their affection. Pherazone, Nexus Pheromones and True Pheromones all offer money back guarantees on their product. If you purchase their product and are not 100% satisfied they will refund your money. They also offer free shipping and handling on almost all orders and guarantee delivery.

Types of Pheromone Products

Pheromones are made in many different fashions today. Manufacturers use tablets, creams, powders and sprays. The pheromone sprays have proven to be the best method for use. If used correctly, per the manufacturer’s recommendation, they work instantly without any mess. This allows you to use them on the spur of the moment if the occasion arises. When using pheromone sprays you normally just apply a small amount the same way you would use cologne. A small amount on your face or wrists is all it takes. Pheromone creams and powders are more difficult to apply and may leave stains on your cloths. Pheromone tablets are taken orally and have to be absorbed into your system before working, making it hard to know exactly when to take them prior to needing them to work.

So what are you waiting for? Pheromones are proven to give you an advantage with women. Men wearing pheromones gain more confidence as women suddenly are friendlier and want to flirt with them. Knowing they have an added edge allows men to take command in situations with women they normally would be less likely to. So whether you are looking for a potential sole mate, trying to improve your existing relationship or looking for a sexual encounter, pheromones are the answer.

When shopping for the best pheromones for men all that is required is, a computer, cell phone or online device, a small amount of money, usually $90.00 or less and an address to have it delivered. So fire up that device and type in “Best Pheromones for Men” and shop for the one that is best for you.

Keep in mind you get what you pay for, the lowest price isn’t always the best deal. Products such as Pherazone for Men have the highest concentration of pheromones, 72 mg per oz. So while they may be more expensive than other companies, they offer the strongest pheromones on the market. Nexus Pheromones is known for being less expensive than Pherazone but they offer a proven competitive product. True Pheromones are unique as they have one of the best prices and offer over eleven different pheromone products. True Pheromones claim by offering many different pheromone products you can use each of them for specific circumstances or mix and match them for the best pheromone experience.

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