All You Need to Know About Buying Solar Eclipse Glasses

Most of us generally ignore the fact that looking at the sun directly can harm our eyes in many ways. The only way to tackle these kinds of problems is by filtering the sun’s harmful rays. Even an eclipsed sun could block only the 93% rays of the sun. That’s why during a solar eclipse, solar eclipse glasses are absolutely necessary to protect your eyes from the sun. Here are a few things one should know before buying a solar eclipse glass.

What are solar eclipse glasses?

Solar E Galsses

These are entirely made of scratch resistant black polymer (optical density 5) which filters 99.99% of intense visible lights, 100% of harmful UV lights, and 100% infrared lights. When you view through these glasses during an eclipse, it creates an orange shaped image of the sun which is not harmful to our eyes.

Most important things you should know before buying a solar eclipse glass:


1) Researching is very important when investing your money in something. But it is better if you do not buy any random product that appeared in ads, pop-ups and your 1st page of search results. It will be wise if you check for the reputable vendors’ names in any renowned astronomy society’s web pages before buying any glasses. Atrustworthy vendor maintains the necessary quality which ensures the viewer’s eye safety.

2) When using a proper solar eclipse glass, you should be able to see only the sun or a very bright object similar to the sun such as halogen light bulb. If you are able to see any object of most ordinary brightness, the glass might not be good for your eyes. Thus, avoiding such glasses would be best.

3) When looking through the glass, if you find it to be out of focus or very uncomfortably bright, then this also something you should avoid. It’s best if you buy glasses of solar eclipse Iowa by visiting the website.

4) It is best if you inspect the glasses before the actual purchase. If the glass is punctured, torn or damaged, then don’t buy it.Even a small damage will allow the rays of the sun to pass through the glass and damage your eyes.

5) If you find out that your eclipse glass is not up to the mark, you should ask the seller to refund you or replace the product with something that offers the eye protection you require.

6) If you normally wear glasses, then use the solar eclipse glasses over them. You do not need to remove your normal glass to put the eclipse glasses on.


If you follow the aforementioned tips properly, you would able to see the eclipse without any hazard. Please ensure to read all the instruction which will be available on the box of your solar eclipse glass. It is important that you also abide by those rules to ensure your safety.

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