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Shopping online can be delicate. You may like an item and keep coming back to it just to check its price and features again. And before you know it, the online store’s dynamic pricing algorithms will determine exactly how to rip you off if you don’t know how to use the discounts. How can you avoid this?

Online Shopping: Simple Tricks that Get You the Best Price

The good news is that you can easily bypass the dynamic pricing algorithms of most online stores. And here is how:

  • Use the right device: If you shop online using a Mac device, online stores will treat you differently. Their dynamic pricing algorithms will determine you have a higher expendable income and can therefore afford a higher price. To prevent this, it is best to shop online using a PC or a simple mobile device.
  • Use the right browser: Using Safari or Internet Explorer for your online shopping may also lead to facing higher prices. On the contrary, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox users tend to experience lower prices when shopping online. This may be the case because these two browsers have better privacy settings.
  • Use incognito mode: By default, all browsers store cookie files and share your location with the web sites you visit. This gives online stores a wealth of information about your buying preferences and potential budget. You can prevent them from gathering this information by simply enabling the incognito mode in your browser’s settings.
  • Use private search engines: Just like some browsers have better privacy settings, so do some search engines. As opposed to the data-hungry Google Search and Bing, Startpage and DuckDuckGo do not snoop on your web queries. Using these search engines will help you to keep online stores in the dark as you shop online.
  • Use price comparison add-ons: There are special add-ons that can compare the price of the item that interests you across various online stores. When you shop online, such add-ons will tell you where you can buy the item that interests you cheaper. Some price comparison add-ons will also automatically compare shipping costs and tell you if any active coupons are available.
  • Use price tracking and adjustment tools: Price tracking and adjustment tools allow you to track price changes for the specific item that interests you. Once the item’s price reaches its lowest, you get a notification and buy it at the best time possible. These tools can also help you with price adjustments. If you’ve bought your item at a store with price protection, they can help you get a refund.

Make It Hard for Online Stores to Predict You

With the help of the above tricks you can reliably keep online stores in the dark. Without snooping on your buying preferences or your potential budget, they will have no way to rip you off. As a result, you will be able to buy the things you want at the price that is fair.

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