Where to buy the best lip sense?

What is lip sense?

Firstly, lip sense is a product which is outstanding for its long-lasting effect. The lipstick is very much different from other conventional products since lip sense application can last more than 10 hours. Furthermore, it is appreciated thanks to its customizable color where the customers can select their favorite color blend by choosing from more than 70 different colors and ten lip glosses.

SeneGence claims that lip sense if lead – free, wax free, cruelty – free, GMO – free and gluten – free which is extremely rare to seek in the lipstick world. Moreover, the lip sense is also waterproof, kiss – proof, does – budge – off, and does – not – rub – off. You can find tons of videos on YouTube which will show you a detail of how people using Lip sense and leaving no mark on the glass.

How to apply Lip sense?

There are a few steps you need to follow to apply lip sense since it is a bit more complicated than the lipstick range. But don’t worry, these following steps have been clarified and simplified so that you can quickly follow:

  • You need to exfoliate your lips and ensure that your lips are clean. In case you are rushing, you can just use makeup remover to exfoliate.
  • Ensure your lips are dry after cleaning.
  • Shake the lip sense tube well before spreading it evenly without swiping it or touching your lips.
  • You might try about several times to ensure everything goes well.
  • Ensure your lips are dry before applying the lip gloss over the lip sense to seal the color blend.

You might find it a bit challenging at first, but after several times trying, it will only take you several minutes to apply it. Since these steps are essential to sustain the color durability while not leaving your lips dry, you should do it with care.

How much does Lip sense cost?

The cost of the lip sense may vary depending on the brand, the durability, and its effect. However, according to our professional recommendation, you should expect to spend about $55- $65 for a starter kit. Ultimately, it is still your choice whether you want to purchase a single color or a range of lip colors.

Where to purchase lip sense?

You can purchase colors from the lip sense distributors, or you can buy them online.

Lip Sense by SeneGence (Napa)

The Lip Sense distributed by and sentence is one of the outstanding products of the sentence that will make you feel different from other conventional stain or gloss. This lip sense is an enduring lip sense color which does not budge off or smearing off so quickly.

You can create a color palette by using this waterproof product by combining various but compatible shades. It does not only stay on your lips for the most extended period, but it also makes an essential number of tones and textures such as wet matte, inspiring sparkles, etc.

LipSense by SeneGence (Bella)

Another product from the same house SeneGence, this Bella range is kiss-proof, smudge – off proof and waterproof which is lead – free and wax – free product. Moreover, you can also utilize this to create your color palette. It can make your lips look moist and plump, thus stays on your lips longer than other products. Moreover, it does not smear off.

You can apply the lip gloss after applying the lip sense to seal the color and get a deluxe effect. However, you should bear in mind that you only need to use the lip sense gloss, not any other chapstick. When removing the color, you can use the Oops remover because it consists of a natural ingredient such as St. John’s Wart Extract, Linden Flower Extract as well as Peony Root extract.

Lip Sense Liquid Lip Color by First Love

First Love Lip Sense is another well – appreciated product from the Lip sense manufacturer that is useful, durable and consists of beautiful shade. It can stay on your lips for a long period without being rubbed off. You can use this product to create different combinations depending on your favor. The First Love lip sense also let your lips look moist and plump. Moreover, it also matches to different skin types and tones.

Lip Sense Liquid Lip Color by Nude

The last product that we recommend on our list is another fantastic product from N犀利士
ude. It will not smear off or budge off from your lips even after you had your meal or your glass of water. You can apply this product on the morning of the day and still find it on your lips on the evening of the same day. It is the most elegant lip sense product that you can purchase at the low price. To ensure that it has worked appropriately on your lips, you need to adopt lip sense gloss after applying the lip sense to get the color sealed.

Lip Sense Liquid with Blu – Red

This lip sense is waterproof which comes in a blue-red color. Its size is 4 x 0.5 x 0.5 inches and its weight is about 0.8 ounces. When you start to use this product, you will see the difference regarding color, appearances, functionality, durability, and designs. If you are seeking a high – quality, durable with long-lasting effect lip sense, this product is highly recommended. Not only does its quality satisfy you but the reasonable price will be a
perfect reason for it to be the chosen one.

Lip sense not only lasts for a long period but it also enhances your gorgeous beauty as well as moisturizes your lips sideways. This product is available everywhere on the market. In case you want your unique combination, you can blend and mix the different colors using the glosses. Lip sense does not harm your lips but protects and nurture it carefully. They are all highly recommended products.

We hope you can enjoy the products that are recommended by us, and share with us the experience of using it. Should you have any question regarding the article, you can leave the comment below. We will reach back to you as soon as possible.



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