Why opt for the Long-Span Shelving?

There are various kinds of shelving options which can be done to ensure that complete utilization of the space is made. One such option that is really nice and cost-effective is the long-span shelving. As the name indicates, this is the shelving which is especially designed for the big items like your apparels and it is quite common in the similar warehouses. Many retail sectors are using this kind of shelving option to give their warehouse a neat yet well-managed look. You can also go for the wall mounted long-span shelving and these shelves are mostly designed with soft wood or metal. You can customize them according to your needs.

Top 5 Benefits of Long-Span Shelving System:

It is not just the features but the several advantages that make the long-span shelvingas the popular choice. Here are some of the benefits that the business owners can enjoy.

#1. Light-Weighted – Its light weighted feature is something that makes it perfect for your warehouses. Most of these shelves are made of tensile steel which not only gives it the desired strength but keep it light as well. This is the reason that it provides a lot of durability which is the first concern of the buyers. With this option they can look forward to long term benefits. These shelves can bear up to 2400 pounds weight which means that it can accommodate lots thus making it a perfect choice for your business.

#2. Versatility – Next is the versatile feature to accommodate anything you like. From the small things to the big stuff you can use the shelves to present anything you like and that too in a systematic manner. As per your choice you can keep a mix variety of stuff without thinking anything thus giving more options to the buyers.

#3. Customization possible – The long-span shelvinggives you the advantage to customize it as per your requirements as well as the budget. Keeping in mind the size of the goods or items, the shelves can be made big or small to adjust the same. This is something you won’t find in other arrangements. You can even customize the same for the weights as well thereby giving you a lot of flexibility that you have been looking for.

#4. Selection of the decking materials – You are free to opt for any kind of decking material that you wish to. From the steel to the wood, mesh, melanine etc. you have the choice of selecting anything basedon your requirements. So this is yet another advantage that you are able to enjoy by giving your warehouse a decent look. But if you look for something durable and sturdy then you can go for the metal shelving because these shelves can provide you enough space and durability. Apart from that, these metal shelves are rust resistant and they cannot get affected by wear and tear.

#5. Space optimization – With the help of this option you are able to utilize every single space and make sure it is done for the fullest. From creating vertical space to the horizontal one you can go for any number of rows and columns depending on your needs. In this way you are able to get extra room that was not possible earlier.

So, what are you waiting for, just explore the features of this shelving option and see how it can help in your business by using the leftover space in your warehouse.

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