A Buyer’s Guide To Wooden Watches For Men

For a while, it seemed that watches might completely vanish from the world. Once considered an essential element to keep track of time, they were on the verge of extinction because of advancements in technology. People had started believing that they don’t need timepieces when they smartphones in their pockets. But the truth is, there is something about the wristwatches that smart gadgets cannot match.

In the modern world, watches are more than just timepieces to keep track of time. They have become stylish accessories that improve the personality of the wearer and help him view time. For example, wooden watches are in the rising trend right now. Made of sustainable wood, these are stylish timepieces that do more than just telling time.

Watches made of wood are extremely famous among men. There are different types of men’s wooden watches in many styles that can be matched with the wearer’s personality or help him to stand apart from the crowd.

Although wood timepieces are on trend right now, picking a perfect watch for a man isn’t easy. It’s a high-tech process that requires a buyer to consider multiple things to make sure a stylish wood watch has been purchased.

Wood Type

It is necessary to know that all wood watches aren’t the same. From appearance to wood type, there are many things that differentiate them. When looking for high-quality wooden watches for men, a buyer should consider the accessory’s look and wood type used to make the piece. There could be some Wooden Watches that are entirely made of wood, while others are hybrid pieces that may have leather or other materials.

Style And Look

Once a buyer has ensured that high-quality wood is used, the next thing to focus on is the style of the piece. Men’s wooden watches come in many styles. From a simple design to a chunky piece, they could be different from each other in many ways. Here, a buyer should get a piece that matches the personality of the wearer.


One more significant factor to consider is the timepiece’s movement. It is the mechanism that decides how the Wooden Watches hands are going to move. Mechanical and quartz are two commonly used watch mechanisms. Most of the modern watches have quartz mechanism because it’s more reliable and cheaper than its counterpart.


It is the glass on the dial of a watch. Mineral, acrylic, and sapphire are the three most common crystal types in the modern-day world of men’s wooden watches. Sapphire is considered as a hard and scratch-resistant crystal. The crystal type is used in many high-quality watches.

Final Words

It is necessary for buyers to understand that there are different types of wooden watches for men in the market right now, and they need to choose a suitable piece. It should be a wooden timepiece that is stylish, durable, and functional at the same time. It needs to match the personality of the wearer and improve his overall appearance.

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