Useful Tips to Treat Heartburn During Pregnancy

If you are going to be a mother or in other words, if you are pregnant then you must know how difficult situations can be when having heartburns. Yes, that is a botheration and pain that almost every mother has to face to bring into life another self which is growing inside her.

Causes of Heartburn

Yes, there are obvious reasons why pregnant women face such a problem. Let us have look at those before we proceed to know the ways to have relief from such difficulties.

  • The main cause is that progesterone a hormone which is released during pregnancy relaxes the stomach valves and allows acid to be in the esophagus. The inner lining of the esophagus is not suitable to tackle acid and so the acid over there causes a burning sensation.
  • Additionally, the growing uterus forces the stomach to push acid into the esophagus creating such sensation.

As we know the reasons for such heartburns we also know the ways to have relief from such pain and also to avoid it. Let us have a look at some of those.

Ways to Treat Heartburns During Pregnancy

There are various ways of preventing or getting relief from heartburns. Let us see some of them.

Eat less at a time: During your pregnant days eat less amount of food at a time. You may be feeling hungry so have small meals at regular intervals instead of having three square meals. Divide your food intake into five or six seating and it is for sure you will be having relief from heartburns. What will happen is that if you crowd your stomach the acid will get released through the relaxed valve and reach esophagus giving the burning sensation. So, avoid crowding the stomach with food.

Have your meals slowly: This is another way of having relief from heartburns. If you run through your meals then you will be having indigestion which will eventually lead to heartburns. As you have indigestion the concentration of acid in your stomach will increase and that will be released through the relaxed stomach valve to esophagus creating that burning sensation. So, when you eat try to relax and enjoy the food that you are having this will help you to run through your meals.

Sipping of liquids: You may have crafted a habit during these days of pregnancy that to drink a glass of milk after your dinner. It is time to change that habit. It would be better to sip through a glass of water during your meals. If you find it difficult to sip liquid during your meals has that it between meals rather than immediately after your meals.

Do not be in bed immediately after dinner: Yes, we know that you feel tired and want to be in bed just after having your dinner. But if you want a good night’s sleep and avoid having heartburns then do not be in bed immediately after having dinner. Take a leisurely walk, do some light household work or read books or magazine of your liking after dinner and then go to bed at least after sometime. While you work keep in mind that you do not have to bend. Bending and being in bed immediately after dinner help acid to be in your esophagus and you know the result it will have, yes, heartburn. So, avoid those and have a relaxed sleep all through the night.

Select your time for dinner properly: It is seen by medical research that pregnant women should have heir dinner at least three hours before going to bed. So, it is wise to have your dinner at 7:00 PM if you wish to be in bed at 10.00 PM. It is also noticed that you must avoid taking water sometime prior to going to bed.
Proper position of sleeping: You must properly choose your sleeping position. The best position is to keep an elevated upper chest and head. If you find it difficult to be in that position then you can take help of pregnancy body pillow of reputed manufacturers. Keeping such a position you will be able to keep the acid where it should be rather than be in the esophagus and cause heartburn.

Avoid the acid triggers: Yes, this is a bit hard to follow but what can be done, it had to be followed to have relief from heartburns. Try or to say must avoid fat, caffeine, chocolate and citrus during your pregnancy days. It is safe to avoid these items as they trigger acid. Even if till now you do not have such an incident, it may happen and you know the consequence. So, it is better to avoid those food items which you may otherwise like to have.

Wear loose clothes: It is best to wear loose clothes during the pregnancy days. This will offer you comfort and not force to have acid reflux. What happens wearing tight-fitting clothing is that it cause extra pressure on your bulging belly causing discomfort and acid reflux. So, it is better to wear lose maternity clothing and have relief from heartburn.

Have ginger: It is seen that women feel better having ginger and can get relief from nausea and vomiting which is associated with heartburn. You can have ginger ale or have ginger candies if you do not want to have direct ginger. This will help you to be comfortable when you are having heartburn.

Take antacids: If you see that the above measures do not provide you proper relief then you can try some medical antacids. You must be cautious to choose the antacids that you can have during these days. Avoid having antacids having aluminum and choose those having calcium or magnesium. It is best to follow the words of your doctor while making such a selection.

These are some of the ways to get relief from heartburns. It is better to avoid medications as it may lead to other discomforts like constipation and the like. So, follow some of the above means and have relief from heartburns. It would be best to discuss the issue with your doctor and have relief.

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