How Overweight and Headache is Connected?

There is always been a debate that whether the Headache and Overweight are connected with each other or not. According to a study, obese adults face chronic daily headaches and there is a likelihood of same chances in children. The common cause of chronic headaches in children is Meningismus which occurs due to poor eating habits. In this post, check out how a headache and overweight are connected with each other and tips to lose the weight.

Causes of Headaches in Obese Children

Children gain weight and become obese due to poor eating habits and inadequate nutrition in the body. The chances are these overweight children are more likely to eat junk and fast foods that contain headache triggers. Caffeine, cheese, chocolate, sugar, MSG are commonly known substances which trigger the headaches. Thus it is important to follow a proper diet plan for your child in order to prevent him from overweight or obesity. Obesity is the primarily responsible for headaches and migraines thus following a diet plan will help in reducing these problems.

There is a close link between headaches and overweight and according to a recent study, obese people are more likely to experience headaches than those who have normal weight. Primary headaches are caused due to obesity which takes the form of migraines and tension-type headaches. The common cause of chronic headaches in children is Meningismus. There are frequent headache problems in children which are a matter of worry for parents. Due to this, they are likely to miss the school and social activities and remain inactive.

How Overweight Causes Migraine?

Due to overweight children also suffers from migraine problems. There is no particular reason responsible for it but it may be due to physical inactivity, poor nutrition and other obese conditions. Stress also plays a major role in adding up the weight to the body. It has been observed that migraine problems are more frequent in the state of inflammation or the stress from obesity.

Will Weight Loss Help to Reduce Headaches?

Yes, weight loss will definitely help to reduce the headaches in children. It is important to keep the BMI or Body Mass Index in the healthy range as obesity is the prime cause of headaches or a migraine. Weight loss is not easy as sometimes larger calorie burns may also cause headaches so it is crucial to use proper ways for it. Here are the five tips for weight loss to get rid of the headaches.

1. Avoid giving artificial sweetener to your child in food as it can induce a migraine. Try to give natural sugars like honey or maple syrup to reduce the weight to your children. Thus check the food labels carefully and avoid taking food triggers as it will help you manage a migraine.

2. Low blood sugar triggers the headaches and migraine attack. So skipping meals is not the right solution for weight loss. It is important to maintain the blood sugar level. In fact, you should give your children whole grains or protein rich meals. This will help them to reduce the weight but at the same time maintain the blood sugar level as well.

3. Caffeine helps in improving the migraine but intake of too much caffeine can cause severe headaches. So ask your children to drink less caffeine and take the alternative options. He can rather take homemade soda, herbal tea, lemon tea, etc for weight loss and avoidance of headaches.

4. Dehydration causes headaches as it reduces the supply of blood and oxygen to the brain. Thus it is important to keep the body hydrated. Remember your children should at least drink 1- 1.5 liters of water every day.

5. Most of the children don’t perform the physical activity which is necessary to keep the body in shape. They are busy in school and studies that they don’t go out for the play which results in the obesity. Due to overweight they also suffer headaches and migraine problems in the very early age. Thus ask your children to go out to play for some time or participate in sports activities to keep themselves healthy.
So these are some of the tips for weight loss in a proper way to keep the children healthy and away from headache problems.

To sum up

The key lesson to take from this post is if your child is overweight or obese and suffers from frequent headache problems then you should try to improve his diet plan. By asking him to follow the proper nutrition habits, remain stress-free and follow above weight loss tips help them to lose their weight. It is also important that your child should involve in physical or sports activities to lose the weight in a natural way. All these ways will help to keep the body fit and healthy which will ultimately reduce the number of attacks monthly.

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