How to Get Rid Of Syringomas by 10 Fabulous Home Remedies

Syringomas are defined as benign neoplasms or tumors of eccrine (cells within sweat glands) most often found in clusters on some specific area on the face as the eyelids, forehead. You also can see them in the armpits, umbilicus, upper chest and genitals as well.

They often appear as a bump with skin or yellow coloured, which its diameter is about one to three millimeters.
About 1% of population is suffered from syringomas. The women are more susceptible to have it rather than male. They normally first appear in adolescence and multiple lesions could develop in adult life on the chest or lower abdomen typically.
The pathophysiology of syringomas is still now unclear. The most common standpoint is that this condition is related to gene in specific chromosome (16q22).
Generally, syringomas are harmless. However, they affect person’s appearance when they present on the face. It is important to consult a dermatologist to decide the most appropriated treatment. With treatment, syringomas should be expelled ideally, minimizing scars and preventing recurrence.
Surgical treatment of syringomas includes the excision method, electrodessication, dermabrasion, and laser treatment, Cryosurgery for deep-seated syringomas and cryosurgery or freezing. All the procedures above put patients at risks and complications such as scarring, bruising, redness and dark patches. That is why you may want to try some home for syringomas before resorting to more aggressive medical procedures. Here I mention you some trustable home remedies for syringomas, which were tried and tested:

1. Aloe Vera
Aloe Vera is famous for its benefits on many skin conditions. It is definitely effective on getting rid of syringomas. Additionally, aloe vera provides moisture to help you stay away from dry skin.
Rub the aloe vera gel extracted from natural aloe vera over the areas where syringomas appear a couple of times per day to get the effect.
2. Lemon Juice
Many people afraid that using lemon causing damage to their skin because of its acidity characteristic. However, there is a fact that the acidity of lemon help it becomes effective remedy to treating many skin problems, including syringomas. After several times of application, you will notice the disappearance of syringomas.
Extract lemon juice from a fresh lemon. You can add a little water to dilute the juice. Dip a cotton ball onto the juice and apply it over the areas affected.
3. Apple Cider Vinegar
Apple Cider Vinegar can be used in order to get rid of syringomas. We can see its effects within a short time using apple cider vinegar. Similar to lemon, it is strongly acidic; thus, the syringomas will be fall off.
The process is the same with applying lemon. However, after putting the cotton ball on your face, try to keep it for one night by using bandage or tape. In the next morning, remove it. Continue this process for about 10 days.
4. Pineapple Juice
Pineapple Juice can be an amazing tip to get rid of syringomas. It is said that pineapple juice works to lighten the syringomas, therefore so that their color become similar to that of other skin areas.
Consume a couple cups of pineapple juice daily or place a pineapple juice-dipped cotton ball over the syringomas and leave it dry naturally.
5. Castor Oil
Some people call castor oil as a discutient because it prevents the expansion of syringomas to other areas. You do not have to worry about the scars when using it.
What you need is putting several drops of castor oil over the affected areas twice daily to see effect.
6. Almond Oil
In addition to the application of remedies applied on the skin, you can also apply several drops of almond oil and massage over the syringomas areas.
7. Sandalwood
Sandalwood is well-know as an effective therapy for not only syringomas, but also other skin problems. It serves to lighten blemishes and remove scars.
Mix few spoon of powdered sandalwood with some spoons of rose water. Then rub the mixture over the syringomas.
8. Flaxseed Oil
Flaxseed oil is considered as one of the best tips to get rid of syringomas. It softens the syringomas by its moisture property. After several time using, the syringomas will fall off naturally.
Firstly, grind flaxseeds and mix it with some drops of honey. Then rub the oil over the affected areas several hours 2 to 3 times per day.
9. Onion Juice
Onion juice is also acidic which known as an effective ingredient to get rid of syringomas.
Follow the steps as applying lemon juice. Keep cotton ball for a half an hour. Then wash the skin by cool water.
10. Avoid Alcohol and Salty Foods
Drinking alcohol is always believed harmful to our health and appearance. To give up alcohol helps to prevent syringomas from developing.
The excess salty may worsen the condition of syringomas on your skin and enable them to grow and expand to other areas. In addition, salt foods harm your liver and stomach.
11. Garlic
One of the best advantages of garlic can is to discolor the affected. Some enzymes found in garlic increasing the breaking down process of syringomas.
Directly apply a slice of garlic over the syringomas and cover the areas by bandage over night.
12. Iodine
Iodine kills the cell naturally. It also stimulates new, healthy skin produced. As a result, it helps minimize the scar formation.
It is the best to use 5% iodine solution. Rub a drop of it over the areas couple of times per week to get the result.
13. Washing
It is very important to keep your skin is clean all the time. It is the best way to prevent the expansion of syringomas. Combine regularly face washing with other methods to take effects.

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