These 10 Non-Medicated Methods Will Vanish Your Pain Like Never Before

When you are an active body, you are bound to suffer from some pain now and then. A hard fall, excess of muscular activity, inappropriate sitting postures, unusual sleeping patterns or any hidden disease are some of the reasons why we might feel pain in our body. And bearing a pain is never easy. It becomes a burden when it is a prolonged course and you are just tired to drag yourself to work with that abounding pain. It diminishes your energy, makes you irritated, heightens your fatigue and crushes your desire to work.

Finding a remedy that would work wonder upon your pain is just next to impossible. And if you are looking for some non-medicated methods, then you need to work around few of the tactics that will suit you in the long run. Nothing is going to work like magic. You need to have patience and give your body some time to heal. With such a high amount of research work going on to concur body pain and countless number of discoveries made till now, you are not going to be disappointed at any cost. Check out some of the ways that can help you out in this regard.

  • Go with RICE: If you have accidentally pulled a muscle over your leg, begin with this method. RICE which stands for Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation. For this you need to use those hot and cold gel pack that can provide some momentary relief. For an inflammation, a cold therapy is advisable rather than a hot one. These cold gel packs are easily available at the chemist shop or you could buy one online. For an emergency case, wrap a towel around some ice cubes and apply pressure to that area. Do not put too much pressure. Keep the portion elevated.
  • Rubs & Massages: In some cases, a patient experiences faster recovery when given adequate number of massages over required pain points. A good massage can relieve you of your malady and can give a permanent solution to this persisting problem. Moreover, a numb painful area can be treated with rubs as it increases the blood circulation over that portion.
  • Have Green Tea: With catechins as one its main ingredients, Green Tea is a best medicine to drain out the toxins from your body, which are the main cause behind any pain. Take some organic variety and let the antioxidants work their magic.
  • Daily Exercise: It does a whole lot of good when done regularly. Sometimes your pain might be due to your weight gain problem. Getting a regular exercise can help you regulate your weight and moreover keep your limb movements active. Do not overdose on a single day because you cannot achieve anything within a day. Just take small steps and start exercising for your well-being. You can even do Yoga if you find any other type to be bothersome.
  • Mind Body Treatment: Researchers have concluded that most of the pain has taken a seat in our mind. If you think you are in pain, then you are going to worsen your condition with aches. Patients today are undergoing cognitive-behavioural therapy to take over the pain. The lifestyle changes and the implementation of such a therapy has seen a dramatic affect in the health disposition of the person.
  • Music Therapy: This is another of the creative and effective approaches that have seemed to help the patients out of their pain. Studies have found that the rhythm has actually helped in healing the body and mind equally. People have actually felt much better after listening music and have claimed that a bit of euphoria gets settled in their mind that stays throughout the day.
  • Acupuncture: This art of healing had been introduced some 2,000 years ago by the Chinese. Within this, hair thin needles are inserted into various points of the affected area to regulate the movement therein. This mode of pain relief has been recognised worldwide and have permanently cured the person for life.
  • Aromatherapy: This type of treatment works with your sense of smell. The essential oils are poured inside a container or bottle and the person is asked to inhale the same. Headaches, Migraine and even some life risk disorders have been treated with such ways.
  • Change Diet: There are some food habits that have really increased the body pain in the worst of ways. If you are able to grasp what the reason is, then change your diet. You might feel a little better afterwards.
    Alternate Heat & Cold Therapy: This experiment has been taking place for a long time and people have claimed to cure a bit with alternative hot and cold treatment. Apply the ice and heat directly on the area of pain to reduce the swelling and inflammation.

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