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Working class has to go through several processes and had to meet many conditions in order to get their EPF claim and people had to wait and through a long process to get their provident fund money even after submitting the claim forms. Well, there is a good news for people waiting to get their EPF claim and the good news is they don’t have to wait without knowing when they will get their Provident Fund money after submitting forms because now you can track your EPFO claim status online. The EPFO has made several changes in the system to make the settlement process hassle-free.

And there are actually three ways to do that:

1.Checking EPFO balance using EPFO website:

In order to check your EPFO online, you need to have these details

  • Your Employees Provident Fund
  • Company code or Extension code
  • EPF regional office of your employer

You can get this information from the PF statement that your employer provides

Here is the simple process for people who want to check their EPF claim online:

Step 1: you need to visit the EPFO website and click on ‘Click here for knowing the claim status’

Step 2: after the next page opens up you need to select the state where your PF office is present for example let’s say Maharashtra.

Step 3: after selecting the state you would be presented with various regional offices in the state of Maharashtra. You need to select the regional office which is relevant to you.

Step 4. The second you choose the regional office you would be presented the mandatory region code and office codeautomatically in the respective boxes.

Step 5: you need to enter the Establishment Code in the third box – which can be of maximum 7 digits.

Step 6: there might be a chance that your establishment code may have an extension code or a sub-code, enter the same in the fourth box. It can be of maximum 3 characters size and can be a digit or letter. You should leave the field blank if there is no extension or sub-code to the Establishment Code.

Step 7: you need to enter your account number in the fifth box. Your account number can be of maximum 7 digits.

Step 8: Click on submit to get the status.

2. Checking EPFO member balance from EPFO’s unified portal

If you want to check your EPFO member balance then you need to log into the portal using your Universal Account Number (UAN) and password. Once you are logged click on ‘Track Claim Status’ in the ‘Online Services’ section. The same tab can also be used to view the transfer claims. Recently, the EPFO has taken several measures in order to decrease the claim settlement period by rectifying the system to aim for the settlement of claims within 5 days but if you need to get the claim early then you need to clear certain criteria as introduced by the EPFO.

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