Turn Your Jewellery Making Blogs Into A Hobby

Jewellery making can quickly move from a hobby into a job, or a business. With certain requirements and tips you could find yourself doing the hobby you love full time! Whether you’re looking to make something a little dainty, a Shamballa bracelet or a statement necklace, you’ll could find yourself loving your day job! If it is something you’re passionate about, why not take the jump for it and start making money by making jewellery?!


A Stall To Sell Your Jewellery?

Setting up a stall and start selling your jewellery! Take a look at a space on the high street, or see if you could actually sell your own jewellery to any independent, or local stores. Aim to stock something that is different to the rest, so that there is a reason for people to keep people coming back for more. It will be beneficial to look around that see what others are doing, just so you can alternate a few designs, or gain some inspiration. After you gradually begin to gain an audience and customers you could eventually launch a website and do everything online!

Research Is Key

Research is the only thing that will divide you from the rest. Whether you take a look at the different styles, or you look directly at the competitors. You will need to look deeper into the styles, prices and the ways they are crafted, which will only add a variety and could benefit the way you create your jewellery. Elizabeth Norris, who offers mentoring for those looking to delve into the beading business says those who are actively looking, or are involved in the jewellery making business should ‘READ, WATCH, LISTEN AND LEARN!’. These could prove to be hugely successful, allowing you broaden everything you do with your beads, or jewellery.

Do You Have Your Own Distinct Design

Deciding on your designs will help you create in a distinct look for your bracelets. They can be used as a focal point for your new found business, or could a style that helps customers remember the brand. It’s difficult to think of something fresh, however, once you have established it, continue to show off your collection and even approach shops such as Etsy’s. This way you’ll receive a bulk sum, or maybe shares in what is sold. Stamp your authority on the market and get your style available to everyone!

Plan Ahead

Reliable, well-thought out business plans will be the saviour of your business. With a well-thought out plan you can plan for the future, or adjust things if they don’t go as well. Set yourself targets and strive to achieve your targets. Be prepared for whatever life throws at you with a well thought out business plan.

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