Top 5 Latest and Trending Hoodie Styles of 2019

The coolest way to keep your body warm in winters is surely that entirely comfortable hoodie. They come in many different designs and styles that can be carried by anyone for daily casual wear.

Hoodies are quite protective and the best part is that they also come with a cap that provides extra protection and warmth to head. A stylish piece of hoodie never fails to add uniqueness to your winter look.

Most of the times people love to pair them with skinny jeans during winter. Among girls, unicorns and rainbows hoodie are very popular these days.

Let’s check out some of the latest and trending hoodie styles of 2019.

#1. Loose Wear Hoodie

If absolute comfort is your choice in term of clothes, then you will surely love loose wear hoodie. This type of hoodie does not take the entire shape of your body.

If you do not like the extra stretch of tight-fitted clothes, then a loose wear hoodies will work best for your needs.

#2. Slim-Fit Hoodie

Another highly trending style of this outfit is a slim-fit design that gives you a very fine and sleek look. The best part is that it comes with a side opening in a zip that offers extra comfort and convenience.

Slim-fit hoodie usually contains two large side pockets and comes in various rich colors. Mostly, men love to wear this type of hoodie with skinny jeans.

#3. Long Full Sleeve Hoodie

If you are looking for a funky design then long full sleeve hoodies are best for your personality. The long length of this style is inspired by the long outfits of women.

Generally, the back part of the hoodie is kept longer and the front part is styled with two side cuts. These are mostly preferred by women and best paired with shorts on beaches.

#4. Shrug Hoodies

If you want a hoodie to specifically add a style statement then you should choose shrug hoodies. This most fashionable hoodie style is inspired by the shrug designs of women.

It is made with the knitted wool with various sleek and unique design patterns. They offer high softness to the body and thus act as perfect wear for leisure activity.

#5. Fur Hoodie

Though fur hoodie is nothing new but it is still in trend in 2019 as well. This type of hoodies is specifically made for people who live in highly cold winter areas.

The fur usually covers both the hood and neck region. The head cap or hood is also covered with a thick layer of fur. It is the perfect outfit to wear in snow-covered regions to keep your body warm while flaunting cool style.

On The Ending Note

Whether you choose shrug hoodie, fur hoodies, or unicorns and rainbows hoodies, make sure to check its material quality. There are many other different styles and designs of this unique outfit but the above-mentioned styles are perfect to add a classy style statement to your look.

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