Top 10 Favourite Pieces From The Frock And Frill Collection

Frock and Frill are the finest choices for special events. Most of their dresses are for parties. Both long and short dresses are present in their collection. Additionally, they possess collections of bridal gowns, which are handpicked and loved by many. 

Frock and Frill consist of embroidered and embellished pieces. It is a women’s clothing brand with both an online store and a boutique. These dresses can be created especially for a certain consumer, or you might say they are personalized. If you think of buying them, it’s your best choice. Stores like Namshi get this collection online at the best prices so you can use the Namshi discount code for a special discount.

Favourite collection of Frock and Frill

There are thousands of collections but today we will describe some of their top collections.


The word “natural” is picked for this outfit because of how natural it looks. The dress is made of very soft material, with a small neckline and transparent fluffy sleeves. The dress has small printed flowers that give it a really fresh appearance.   

Justin Embellished Maxi Dress With Batwing Sleeve- Gray

You can infer from the dress’s name that its unique selling point is its sleeves. The sleeves are quite well constructed, and they resemble bat wings. The dress’s shade is lovely, as are all the light colours.

Electra Embellished Midaxi Dress- Gray

The dress’s pattern is incredibly eye-catching and resembles electric waves. Customers are compelled to purchase the dress at first glance since it was designed in such a way that it drew so much attention. 

Floral Dress- Blue

Most people appreciate floral dresses since they tend to be attractive dresses. The dress differs from other floral dresses because the floral pattern appears not to be printed but the blooms are actually embroidered. As floral dresses are pretty costly, we suggest you to use Namshi code as it will give you the best possible offer. 

Cerelia Embellished Maxi Dress- Multicolor

The dress has a slight flare at the bottom and is very form-fitting. Only sequences are in the dress’ design, which gives it a more exquisite appearance. The upper part of the garment features an additional layer of transparent fabric and the dress is sleeveless.

Carita Embellished Midi Dress With Fluted Sleeves- Natural

The garment has a very delicate appearance because of its creamy colour. Many people admire the way you appear to have a really gentle demeanour, thanks to the attire. The sleeves on this dress are a little different from those on others gowns; they are straight up to the elbow and fluted below.

Calytrix Embellish Maxi Dress With Cape Sleeves- Natural 

The sleeves on this dress make it unique. The dress has a distinctive design thanks to the cape sleeve, which gives it an elegant appearance. Sequence-based design is extremely well-organized.

Bridal Gown- White/ Off-white

The bridal gown is one of the gowns which attracts most girls. They are made in different shapes and different styles. Many customize their own gown. Bridal gowns are of different fabrics. The fabric is mostly white in colour and, in some cases off-white. As we all know, Bridal gowns are very expensive. In that case, you can use namshi coupons to get some offers. 

Alsephina V Neck Satin Maxi dress- White

Satin dresses are dress which is always loved by everyone. The dress’ material sits on the skin so perfectly that it makes you look appealing and it has a V-neckline design. 

Florentia Strappy Embellished Maxi Dress

The attractive thing about this dress is it has a slit at the bottom of the dress, which makes the dress gorgeous. It comes with stripes that hold onto the dress.


This article has explained what Frock and Frill and some of their collections are. We have included about ten outfits with some details. We sincerely hope that this article dispelled any confusion you may have had about Frock and Frills.

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