It’s Essential to Understand the Crucial Elements of the Cowboy Hat Before You Purchase it

If you look at the cowboy tradition, you will find that the cowboy hat is essential. During the early days, it used to get known for its wide brim, which helped keep the cowboys secure from the rain and the sun. And when it comes to western wear, cowboy hats are a distinct accessory to consider.

These hats were used to wave a signal to another person, pull water from the stream, fan the campfire, and whack a horse. And today, it’s part of a hat enthusiast’s world. There are several styles of men’s and women’s cowboy hats from different manufacturers and the popular one being Stetson.

John Batterson Stetson was a man from New Jersey and was born into a family that made hats. They gradually shifted to the West. He had created a reputation for quality, durable hats and manufactured the Ten Gallon hat back in 1865.

The cowboy hats – A brief history

It was John Batterson Stetson who introduced the popular Stetson Cowboy hat. He was also known as the Boss of the Plains, back in the mid-1800s. That hat can best be described as a “toned-down” variant of the hat usually worn by Mexican Vaqueros and was available at a price range of $15. However, the southern cowboys wore hats with a wider brim, and the northern cowboys wore hats with a narrower brim.

For every cowboy, simplicity was the main phenomenon when it came to a cowboy hat. It got made using fur felt, leather sting, and braided horsehair to hold the hat tight while riding a horse fast. And the space between the hat crown and the cowboy’s head usually generates an air pocket which provided warmth to the cowboy’s head.

Purchasing a cowboy hat

Usually, the cowboy hats got made of wool, felt, and straw. The cost could vary between $20 to almost $4000. And when it comes to the felt hat, the price gets decided by the quality of the rabbit fur or beaver fur in the hat. It gets determined by the X marking that’s visible within the crown. If the rating of the X is more, it is symbolic of the fact that the hat has a smoother and softer feel.

And one of the reasons for spending more and buying a high-quality hat is that it can last up to a lifetime. When you purchase a high-end felt cowboy hat, it can last you up to 20 years and even a lifetime, depending on how you take care of it. The classic shades for the felt cowboy hats are silver, white and brown. However, you can still get other shades based on the felt that gets used.

Hat care and maintenance

If you buy a costly Polo hat, it’s natural that you would want to flaunt it. The same applies to a cowboy hat. No one wants a hat to lose its worth fast, and hence, it’s essential to take good care of the cowboy hat. One of the best ideas is to secure the hat from any kind of water damage using a non-silicone protector. And once the rain dries and the hat gets a few spots, opt-in for a felt hat cleaning sponge for removing the stains. If you wish to keep a felt hat clean, you can make use of brushes for both dark and light-colored hats. You can hang the hat on the edge shelf in a way that the brim touches nothing. You can store the hats in a dry and cool environment. The hats respond to the moisture and heat along with extended exposure thereby making the hat lose its shape. Also, excess heat can make the fibers come out and lead to permanent damage.

Sporting the cowboy hat

Never should you wear a cowboy hat backward. According to tradition, it’s not an incredible sight, and it’s also not considered good luck. You can keep an eye for a little ribbon bow inside the hat, which is the hat back. Furthermore, on most probabilities, the hatband on the crown outside will have a feather, bow, and a buckle or any other adornment, which will always get placed on the left side.

The hat will appear narrower from the front. You need to keep in mind a few etiquettes like you need to take off the hat anytime you walk into a building. If it’s an informal occasion, you can wear the hat, however, you should refrain from wearing it during a formal occasion. Another thing to keep in mind here is that you shouldn’t touch another person’s cowboy hat without taking their permission. That would get counted as bad manners and will act against you.

Today, several online hat makers provide you with the best cowboy hats. Before you plan to buy one, you should stay updated on these points so that you choose and wear the hat well.

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