Here’s How To Enjoy A Memorable School Vacation In Toowoomba

Summer has finally arrived, it is the most awaited season for school kids as they wait for an entire year to enjoy themselves in summer vacations. After months of rigorous learning, constant homework, assignments, projects and attendance, they get to relax in these vacations. A lot of students feel like staying home, watching TV, playing outdoors and spending time with friends and family.

However, there are students who plan on going to different places and cities to enjoy their vacation. The beauty and culture of different countries help them explore and learn about certain things about life. One such city is Toowoomba, it is “Garden City” in the Queensland state of Australia. Situated 125 kilometers Southwest to Brisbane, the capital of Queensland, this city is the largest inland city in Queensland filled with gardens and public parks.

If you want to enjoy crisp winter breeze, beautiful summer days, colorful spring and autumn leaves, you should definitely visit this city, especially in September to witness Carnival of Flowers every year. But if you are visiting this place in summers to enjoy school vacation, you must not miss out on these places:

● Queen’s Park

Situated near Central Business District, this park is spread in 25 hectares with amazing picturesque. You can see different varieties of flowers and trees around soaked in sunlight. There are walking tracks and bicycle tracks all around the park so that you can have a nice ride or short walk in the park. The park is quite peaceful and calm but it gets busy on weekends. You can also do birdwatching if you are into it or you can explore it as your new hobby.

● Crows nest national Park

Toowoomba is a renowned hub of parks. You will find several kinds of park widespread all over the region. These local parks are located in the Darling Downs region of Queensland state with different wildflowers and several nocturnal animals. If you like to spend time with nature in your school vacations, you with all in love with this place, as it has a mesmerizing waterfall and eucalyptus forests.

It’s located in Crow nests and Grapetree region to the east. You can actively enjoy a nice picnic in this park with your family because it has a lot of picnic spots all over the park apart from swimming holes meant for cooling down during the walking trail.

● Empire theater

Toowoomba is a hub of cultural beauty and art. If you visit this place, you should definitely not miss out exploring its cultural diversity. You can visit several museums, galleries, art and craft workshops, and theatrical performances. This theatre is a heritage place with breathtaking decor designs and embellishments indicating classic art forms. It is a pertinent place of performing arts in Australia.

● iPlay cafe and play center

This is the largest play center of Toowoomba with a lot of fun games, specially created for children of age 12 or less. Besides the fun and games, it is embedded with a lot of other facilities like competition and party packages. You can also make use of WiFi in the cafe and participate in several contests being held in the play center to win prizes. The best part is that safety is their foremost priority amidst all the entertainment and games.

School vacations are the best memory of school time and hence you should not let it go that easily. Explore new places, visit decent restaurants, enjoy exotic dishes because this is the time when you can see the world and decide things in advance for yourself. There are tons of delicious food options here which account for some of the best experiences to have and things to do in Toowoomba school holidays. Toowoomba serves the purpose of learning with entertainment so do not forget to visit this place in your school vacations.

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