Fashion Nails: Trending Nail Art And Color You Should Know

Nail art is the latest trending fashion in the market. It is existed before however it gaining continuous popularity the recent past times. And in the market, different styles of nail polish & art styles, and shapes are found. The fashion nails are all about different nails designed to look glamorous.

Moreover, the trends in nail art also changing. New designs and shapes are coming into the market continuously. However, it is a good thing because nail art feels a woman happy. Therefore, we are here to show you a lot of new and unique nails arts and designs. In fact, these nails are so unique and classy that you will fall in love with them at once.

●    Aquarium Nails-

We all know about transparent mobile back cover cases. That looks cool because the liquid color and glitter are moving around. If that comes in nails, how fantastic it will be. Yes, that is possible. This is possible through Aquarium nails. The first time the theme of nails comes with fish designs. However, now it is coming with every possible design like letters or any character.

●     Holographic Nails-

You might see holo nails on your social media sites very frequently. But this is still a trending fashion nails art. Holographic nails are mainly scattered, glossy and metallic. It has a rainbow-like glossy effect that attracts customers and fashion artists. The glossiness can only be found with pigment powder on nail polish. However, you can use iridescent nail polish for that purpose.

●    Magnetic Nails-

Magnetic nails are not new in the market. However, the way it started trending is astonishing. Moreover, how the artist reveals new unique concepts every day. The nails look like iron shavings in them. In fact, various types of patterns are offered to customers depending on the magnet’s pattern. In addition, magnetic nails can be done by yourself, unlike others.

●    Almond Nails-

There are a lot of nail shapes like an oval, coffin, flare, stiletto, and many more. However, almond is heavily exhibiting their shape in the market. It is trending because it suits all fingers and all nail types. Moreover, it gives a slimming effect to your finger.

●    Change of Color Nails-

Color-changing nails are a very popular trend in the present times. The color of the nails changes due to temperature. That is why this fashion nails are so popular. In fact, these nails are used by those who are seriously bored with their nail color more frequently. As it changes color depending on temperature, ladies never get bored with it.

●    Pierced Nails-

Another fashion trend of nails is piercing nails. Here, nails are punctured and some charms are hanging.  Kim Kardashian, a famous Hollywood celebrity started this trend. Thereafter, many famous models and renowned people followed it. Mainly, metal rings hanging from nails are the most popular. However, all of these nail designs are done with acrylic nails.

●    Gel Nail Polish-

It has been in the market for the last couple of years. It is nowhere going too soon. These gel nails are created under UV lights. And that’s why these designs are so long-lasting. It can stay up to 3 weeks. Moreover, this trend became more popular.

●    Watercolor Nail-

If any nails are now trending on Instagram right now, that is watercolor nails. These nails are very high fashion. And this looks like a watercolor painting on canvas. You will find, splashes of color and floral paints on nails.

●    Non-Toxic Nails-

We are looking for a healthy option every time. From the food to nail polish everything, we want is organic. And non-toxic nail polish ingredients are toluene, camphor, formaldehyde, DBP, and formaldehyde resin. And more people attracted towards this recent time. Moreover, you also should keep in mind that, as it is your health issue.

●    3-D Nail Arts-

Another art in fashion nails is 3D nail art. People used glitter nail polish for this art. You can paint your nails with feathers, 3-D crystals, pom-poms, and caviar.


You are in this article which means, you are seriously looking for nail art. Stop your browsing. Here we mentioned top fashion nails art. I am sure that you will get your favorite option from this blog. Moreover, you can gift a woman who loves these nail arts.

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