Do You Need to Revive your Old Eyewear? Here are Some Ideas to Consider

While your eyeglass prescription has not changed, you discover that what you now have is old, beaten up, and ill-fitting. You are not alone; it happens to the best of us. It’s not like you cannot afford a new pair of glasses, but this one is still dear to you. Our eyeglasses are always an important part of us.

Of course, you can afford new ones, but the thought of how expensive glasses can be is frightening. New glasses are unnecessary; you can still breathe new life into your old eyewear.

This piece will look at ideas to help you inject life into your old, beaten-up glasses. It can still look fresh and new again, and this is not hard to do. Let’s get into these ideas;

What Are The Reasons To Revive Your Old Eyewear

If you’ve been tossing your old eyewear, stop it. You can still put them to good use. There’s still some time left in that eyewear. Let’s give you reasons why you need to revive your old eyewear;

From the angle of cost. If you visit your eyewear outlet, you’ll be surprised at how expensive your prescription glasses have become. Why should you buy new expensive eyeglasses when you can replace lenses in existing frames here, and it will be good as new? You don’t always have to throw out every item that is not serving its purpose when a bit of touch could fix it.

Another reason why it will make sense to revive your old eyewear is its sentimental value. Your eyewear is like a part of you. Everywhere you go, it’s there with you. It makes you whole and completes your vision.

Ideas To Revive Your Old Eyewear

Considering how much Americans love their eyewear, they should not throw any eyewear into the bin. That’s why these ideas will help you revamp your prescription glasses’;

1. Repaint The Frame

Why should you discard good-quality old frames when they can be repainted? By repainting your frames, you can make them look as good as new. Repainting is quite effective when it comes to refreshing your eyewear.

You can also ask your optician if they offer repainting services for old frames. You can even DIY it yourself; there are resources on YouTube to guide you. However, you can only paint your frames if they are made of metal, titanium, stainless steel, and other types of metals.

2. Readjust The Glasses

One common issue with eyewear is that it becomes bent, stretchy, or doesn’t fit on your face due to usage. This is quite minor and can be fixed. It is not a factor of the worth of the eyewear; even the most expensive ones go out of shape.

You can walk into a local optical shop and ask that your eyewear is readjusted. If there’s none, mail your eyewear to your online shop with the adjustment instructions.

3. Get Rid of Scratches

These days, most lenses are made of plastic, so they get scratched easily. Since they are made out of plastic, getting the scratches out is not also difficult. If you discard your eyewear due to scratches, you no longer have to.

You can do it yourself if the scratches are not so evident; dish soap and a microfiber cloth will do the trick. If not, you need to buff out the scratches, which is also done at the local optical shops.

4. Clean Up Your Frames

The reason why you think your eyewear is old could be due to dirt and grimes that has accumulated into the eyewear over time.

This is why we advise that you buff out the lenses and clean the frame. Go to any drug store and buy a four-way buffer; it should come with instructions on how to use it. If you get the buffing right, give your glasses another 4-6 months of additional life.

5. Powder Coat Your Frames

Powder coating is simply applying pigmented powder over a cleaned metal surface. It’s one of the popular methods for restoring old eyewear.

However, you cannot carry out powder coating by yourself. You will need the services of trained technicians to get this done professionally.

6. Reuse Lenses In New Frame

The worst-case scenario will be if your frame is damaged beyond repair or readjustment. In this case, you will have to salvage what is still useful, the lenses. You can still reuse your old lenses in a new frame.

‘This means you will be going frame shopping to find a frame that fits. You will need a frame with the same style and fit as the old one. You can only reuse an old lens if it has not been damaged.

Final Thoughts

Eyewear cannot go out of trend; we must always support our visions. Before the glasses reach the point you must revive, ensure it’s well taken care of. By taking care of your glasses, they will last as long as possible.

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