Is Data In Storage Device Safe Enough?

The world is advancing so fast that no one can stay behind from the usage of computers and electronic devices whether you want to accept it or not. it is getting as an essential organ for everyone’s life. Either you wish to save photos of loved ones, music or files etc. you need a system like a computer, smartphones, tablets etc. to store which is collectively called “Data”.

In previous decades, photos were stored as photographs on cards, music stored in CDs, cassettes and files were on paper-based registers. For the ease of people, the invention of the computer is made because manual data can be harmed by the effects of nature. But now even in computers and storage devices data are not safe and reliable. It can also be damaged or destroy accidentally or deliberately having a lot of reasons.


Whenever a question arises that is data in storage media are safe enough after being so many interventions in information technology? The answer is usually in the negative sense because storage devices that are responsible to keep data are the group of electronic chips that may also physically damage externally and internally as well or corrupted by the action of viruses and malware.

If you take the example of the hard drive in our personal computers, by the adverse action of malware and bacterial viruses our system performs in a peculiar way and harms the data saved in it. In most cases, auto formation drive happens that loss crucial data. There is no technique of defining the actual time and conditions when your hard drive is going to betray you and requires hard drive recovery. This raises various questions to ask whether online storage drives should preferable? What is the authentic way to keep data secure? In case of hard drive failure, how to perform hard drive recovery?


In past, it was difficult to retrieve data through recovery software because they were not capable to do effective recovery. As the IT is advancing softwares are developed which can do data recovery at the ultimate level. Most of the recovery software is free data recovery software and perform an optimum recovery up to 2 GB of data. But in extreme cases, paid and pro versions allow you to recover excess data.

Free recovery software can make recovery of data if your hard drive encounters with a logical data loss but in the situation of physical damage of hard drive, it is painful to deal because you need to concern with the expert and may have to spend some money for that too. Physical damage can be in form of silicon damage, demagnetization of the magnetic drum or any internal damage that can’t be seen directly.

The best way to keep away from making data recovery as well as causing the problem with accidental loss of data, creating back up of data is recommended either you choose online backup services or by some other means. This will let you retrieve data exactly instead of going for recovery software.

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