Bats in The House – What Do I Do?

Unless you are Bruce Wayne brooding inside the Bat Cave, you probably will not be too keen on having bats flying about your house. Bats are quite harmless – they usually do not attack humans but they are carriers of many diseases and in a closed environment, they will be in a panicky state and might get defensive. So the bat in your home needs to go safely.

If you are looking for services dealing with bat removal Denver has good options. A bat in the house is a tricky affair but it is a situation that can be sorted with a bit of basic knowledge and patience.

The Bat wants to get out

No, the bat clinging on to your blinds (no pun intended) is not making a house visit to check on you. It is very scared and not used to being in an environment like your home. So that is the first and most important thought that you need to establish in your head. A bat in a house will be quite disoriented. Unfamiliar sounds and closed artificial spaces will add to the confusion so it may fail to find the way out easily.

In addition, wear some thick clothes like denim and gloves when you are approaching a bat. Just in case it bites, its small teeth will not be able to penetrate the tough fabrics.

Keep Windows and Doors Open

Unless you are in a unique situation where other bats may stumble into your home, keep the points of entries open so it can escape safely once it figures out the route. It is easier to find a bat during the day when it is sleeping and if you plan to handle it yourself, wear gloves. We assure you however that the people at Wildlife, Inc are much more used to this scenario so calling the experts is always a better choice.

Keep Children and Pets Away

The last thing you need with a fluttering bat in the room is a jamboree of child squeals, barks, and meows. The pets will certainly get excited at the sight of the bat – some will flee and some will get aggressive. Apart from the stressful situation the presence of more people and animals can cause to the trapped visitor, bats can also bite and transmit diseases. So keep your kids and children away.

The bats that enter your home may have stumbled via an entry point that needs to be addressed. It can be an open window in the attic or a chimney. Get your home evaluated by pest control services so they can ascertain if you might attract more animals in the future.

Bats are a fairly common species in most places in the USA and are usually found where there are lots of trees. They are part of a balanced ecosystem and have their important role to play – that of a pest predator and an agent of pollination. If one enters your home, it is in more danger than you are. Keep your cool and ensure that everyone is safe at the end of the ordeal.

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