A Man’s Guide To Activewear

Many people are embracing an active lifestyle nowadays. You may already have planned a workout routine, enrolled in a local gym, or found a spot to jog. But you might also have forgotten something important, ‘your outfit.’  

Proper activewear is essential for a good workout. Some might think wearing a simple tee shirt and old gym shorts is enough. However, these types of clothing aren’t built to withstand high-octane activities. As a man who wishes to become more active, you deserve the appropriate clothes for your workout.  

Don’t worry about getting overwhelmed by the number of activewear brands available. Check out this guide so you can shop wisely for workout clothing that’ll provide you comfort no matter how much you move:

Upper Body

It’s understandable that not every man is comfortable going topless when working out. When starting your fitness journey, it’s fine to wear a top, but it has to be for physical activity. Most activewear clothing is made of polyester fabric that has been mixed with another material to absorb sweat and allow the skin to breathe easier. The fabric works by wicking sweat and dissipating the moisture, so it evaporates faster and keeps your body dry. 

Some well-known brands have patented their own fabric technologies to assure customers their clothes have top-tier sweat-wicking abilities. You could purchase activewear shirts from PUMA men’s clothing online and notice how different they are from regular T-shirts. It’s not the same as cotton shirts because cotton absorbs sweat and lets it stay on the fabric, making your shirt damp and heavy. Hence, it’s better to choose activewear shirts not made of cotton. 

Aside from the material, sports brands offer a wide range of sizes for their shirts, which is vital for men looking for activewear. When shopping for shirts, ensure the right fit to avoid heat rashes. Meanwhile, sleeve length depends on your preference and where you intend to exercise. Long-sleeved tops work best in older climates or gyms with air-conditioning. On the other hand, activewear vests are better for humid climates or people who sweat more.

Lower Body

Not all bottoms are appropriate for working out. So, you can’t simply wear your favorite board shorts to the gym. Fortunately, there are two types of activewear bottoms you can choose from, which are shorts and compression wear.  

Activewear gym shorts are typically made of nylon, polyester, and spandex blends to wick sweat and withstand stretching. You must pay attention to the material when shopping for workout shorts, or you could risk discomfort while exercising. Brands may offer shorts in lightweight fabric perfect for running, but they could come at a high price. So, you must consider if you’re ready to invest in proper workout clothing.

If you prefer something different, you could opt for compression wear. These bottoms look like yoga pants or leggings and are made of spandex. They’re called such because they’re designed to increase blood flow to the areas that stretch. Experts and athletes believe the technology improves performance and shortens post-workout recovery. 

Take note that compression-wear pants are form-fitting, so if you’re uncomfortable with revealing the curves and contours of your body. You can wear them as is or under your gym shorts for more comfort and warmth during colder months.


Wearing proper footwear while working out or doing sports is crucial. Not all sneakers are made for all physical activities, so you must invest in shoes designed for a specific workout. But with so many different types of athletic shoes available, it can get confusing for newbies to pick only one pair.  

Whatever your exercise routine, it’s vital to wear the correct pair of athletic footwear for the activity. Thus, to help you in your search, here’s a brief list of the most common shoes worn by athletes and gym buffs:

Running Shoes 

These are perfect for joggers as they’re designed to cushion feet from the pavement’s hard impact. They should not to be confused with walking shoes, which are often lighter and have rounded soles for that ‘rocking’ feel. 

Tennis Shoes 

Sports like tennis require lots of side-to-side movement. Hence, athletes need shoes that can handle that while protecting their feet. Tennis shoes come in soft-soled and treaded variants for soft and hard courts. 

Basketball Sneakers

Most basketball shoes’ high tops and stiff soles protect the wearer’s ankles during bursts of quick movement and when landing from jumps. 

Cycling Shoes

Most casual cyclists may wear shoes with flexible soles since they can also walk comfortably. Meanwhile, competitive cyclists might prefer ones with stiff soles for better energy transfer from foot to pedal. 

Minimalist Shoes

This footwear looks like a pair of socks with sections for each toe. It has this design to mimic the feel of walking or running barefoot. Minimalist shoes aren’t for everyone, and heavier people may experience more pain when wearing them for exercise. 

Cross Trainers

People who practice more than one sport may opt for cross trainers. Some designs have a more flexible forefoot for running and decent side-to-side support for sports like tennis.

Before you begin your fitness journey, it’s best to look for the proper shoes with the right fit. The health of your feet matters significantly, especially when you want to become more physically active.

Extra Layers

Layering clothes isn’t necessary, but it could help keep you comfortable in colder temperatures. As an example, you may wear gym shorts over compression leggings for more warmth, as mentioned earlier. Jackets are also effective in retaining heat while wearing form-fitting activewear.  

On the flip side, you don’t need to wear layers when exercising in hot weather. They won’t do much to burn calories, and they could cause extra stress on your body.


When looking for activewear, don’t forget to check customer reviews to ensure you’re getting high-quality clothing. The function is a priority, but exercise should also be fun, so you can choose stylish activewear clothes whenever you want.

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