A Guide to Buying and Selling Designer Handbags

Is there anything more important to a woman than her handbag? Whether it be for a night out, a work trip, dining out, or just casual shopping, it is one of the material things ladies like to have, and a beautiful designer handbag goes a long way. 

Do you ever find yourself looking for a new handbag or want to sell designer bags and unsure how to do it? Look no further than this short guide outlining the best places to buy and sell designer handbags for great prices.

Designer handbags are not only great to have but can also be seen as a long-term investment.  If you have a few lying around in the wardrobe, check below for the best places to sell them.

Online Selling

Firstly, let us talk about the pros and cons of selling online.  There are many benefits, but it is very important to go in with all the information you need to know what is real and what could be a scam.


  • Quick selling rates and fast money withdrawal
  • Immediate payment – no need to wait for the bag to ship before receiving payment
  • Set your price for each bag


  • All bags must be luxury – no mid-tier bags accepted
  • Bids could be lower than what you hope to sell each bag for

Where to Sell

Below are some online platforms where you can buy and sell all your designer handbags.  If you have been thinking of selling some of your bags that you are finished with or just do not want anymore, then check out all of the online platforms mentioned below for more information and selling or buying fees, terms, and conditions.

The most popular online website is Facebook Marketplace. Over the years, it has become increasingly popular and the place to go if you want to buy or sell unwanted second-hand goods.  There are many popular second-hand designer handbags listed every single day.

With it being listed on the Facebook app, it is also one of the easiest platforms to use.  Photos and videos can be uploaded so that the buyer can see the quality of the bag before they buy it. No selling fees make it attractive as the seller will receive 100% of the payment every single time.

Of course, eBay is huge, reliable, and easy to use if you are a buyer or seller.  The benefits are similar to Facebook Marketplace, and eBay is one of the most trusted online platforms.  It is extremely reliable and offers insurance on lots of different selling options. 

As with every online platform, it is fair to say that there is an element of scams that can occur, so we recommend you always check the terms and conditions and ensure that the platform is completely secure for all your deposits and withdrawals. A few minutes of research can save a lot of money if someone scams you on your chosen platform.

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