5 Tips to Reinvent Personal Style in Your Forties

If you’ve been a careless dresser past couple of decades, your 40th birthday is a wonderful opportunity to turn a new leaf and cultivate your own sleek personal style. The good news is that sharpening your sartorial skills is not that difficult if you know where to start. Here are five evergreen tips to help you effortlessly revamp your forties style.

  1. Take care of your clothes. An important part of looking sharp as you age is maintaining a wardrobe that’s free of tears, holes, stains, and wrinkles. Crushed or dirty clothing may work well for a younger man still discovering his individual fashion sense—but not for a 40-something who wants to be known for his distinct fashion sense and likes to look well-dressed no matter what the occasion. Caring for your clothes not only makes you look and feel great, but it also makes them last longer. To fix the missing buttons, stitch up the torn hem and remove the cola stains to avoid looking sloppy.
    take care of clothes
  2. Always have a white tee handy. Make sure your wardrobe has at least a couple of crisp white t-shirts from a good brand. Basic tees are so versatile—pair them with cargo pants or jeans or a pair of casual shorts and they won’t let you down. Having both polo necks and crew necks is a good idea if you like to dress up for different occasions.
  3. Beat the sweat. When you’re trying your best to rock your 40s, stinking t-shirts and ugly sweat rings are a complete and utter no. To manage the problem, shop for undershirts in a breathable, lightweight and high-performing fabric that will disappear under your clothing and act as a barrier between your skin and outerwear. This small solution will help you look fresh, feel fresh and keep cool on long summer days. In addition, switch to a long-lasting deodorant and nice cologne to keep smelling great all day long.
  4. Ditch the all-denim look. While it may have worked in your 20s, the denim-on-denim attire is completely out of place in a suave gentleman’s wardrobe. Wear jeans by all means, but don’t pair it with a denim jacket or even a stone-wash tee. This is an overkill you want to avoid even if you’re a casual, carefree dresser. Top your jeans with casual t-shirts and shirts, and pair chambray and denim shirts with chinos in a contrasting color.
    denim look
  5. Get rid of oversized clothes. The Forties is a great time to finally pay yourself some attention and get in shape. As you take baby steps toward a healthier lifestyle, do the same with your wardrobe. Bid adieu to bulky, oversized outfits that take away from your personality and make you look bigger than you are. This applies to everything—from tees, shirts, pants, and jackets to briefs, undershirts, and even socks. Once you ditch the sloppy, lazy look and don outfits that fit you well, you’ll feel inspired to get into shape.
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