3 Of The Most Instagrammable Attractions In The Kakadu National Park

Located in the southeast of Darwin, Kakadu National Park is the most beautiful place in the Australia to explore. The best way to connect with the people and the culture of Northern Australia is to visit Kakadu. Composed of vivid natural elements combined with remarkable beauties all around will really please you. The indigenous exploration, trekking and adventurous options, witnessing the purity of nature closely are few activities that will make your trip a memorable one.

A trip would remain incomplete without posting it on social media. You as a visitor might be looking for some instagrammable attractions and picturesque view of the Kakadu National Park. The spectacular views and the most fascinating activities will really lure you. Come closer to the aboriginal culture of Australia and enjoy different peaceful activities at the marvelous park. The best way to witness the local culture is to attend local events and festivals within the park.

Stunning attractions of Kakadu National Park to rejuvenate you

Yellow water Billabong

The billabong name is given to the flooded water due to the fascinating and eye catchy colours of water at the time of sunrise and sunset. At the ticketed cruises, you can get into the spectacular journey of the wetlands of the Kakadu. As it is a monsoon prone region, the place often gets flooded due to excess rain. However, this yellow river is the centre of attraction of the park. Apart from this, ever changing landscape, tremendous view of wildlife, all around greenery is quite alluring.

This waterway is the best fishing spot as well. Starting from sunrise till sunset, there is availability of the cruises which will take you throughout the waterway. You can then witness the beautiful landscape all around, varieties of bird life, wild horses, and saltwater crocodiles and so on.

Jim Jim Falls

Are you returning back without visiting Jim Jim Falls? If yes then you are going to miss the most beautiful part of the Kakadu National Park. A trip to Kakadu without visiting Jim Jim Falls remains incomplete. During the wet season, the water falls at high speed is quite marvelous to see. Apart from this, you can expect an inviting pool at the time of dry season. Usually, pools are avoided at the wet season as the water falls at powerful speed and can be bit dangerous to go near.

It is the perfect spot to take a majestic view and capture it in the camera. It would be more adventurous if you take a challenging drive at the dry season when the when the falls are highly reduced.


Warradjan is the best spot to witness the aboriginal culture of Australia. The site is composed of different displays of artifacts that typically define the traditional stories based on the aborigines. The gallery shop even sells the range of arts and crafts which is the rich part of the local culture. The antique pieces can be observed here that will take you close to the local culture and taste. The Pig Nose Turtle is another spot that will take you to the remarkable insight where the aborigines lived for more than thousand years. In other words, it is particularly dominated by this tribe of Australia.

There are many more natural elements that can be explored at the Kakadu National Park. It would be wise and economical as well if you take the help of Kakadu private tours. They will help you to closely witness the place while providing all factual information of the place. Whether it is the adventurous activities or mere knowing the cultural facts, the trip would remain unknown without them.

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