15 Best Women Watch Brands Around The World

Until the second world war, women use to wear watches, whereas men kept them in pockets. Today, watches are luxury rather than necessity. Though a watch helps you in keeping track of time, that is not the only reason why you should wear them. There are reasons why to wear them and different type of watches we must have in our collection; the watches of best women watch brands are convenient as well as makes an excellent accessory.

Best Women Watch Brands in The World

Debtors say that there is simply no need for a watch in today’s era; we have smartphones that do more than tell time. Though there are countless uses of the smartphone, watches will never be out-of-fashion, nor people will forget it like an old piece of junk. Wearing a watch will boost any outfit – Be it man or woman. Its time to revamp your watches collection, ladies. Best women watch brands are mention below; read them and upgrade your collection.

1. Fossil

Tailor Multifunction Bracelet Watch of Fossil – with its stainless steel look it gives an impression on utter luxury. All of their styles are exclusive. Ladies with a budget who wish to impress bosses and people around them; this is a perfect piece for you. There are various websites which offer online coupon codes for watches – utilize them, and purchase watches in discount rates.

15 Best Women Watch Brands Around The World

2. Bulgari

A big name with classics – Bulgari watches are one of the best women watch brands and indeed masterpieces. For working ladies, Bulgari’sserpenti collection is the best. They are best suited on the slim wrist as the strap is available in both: metal chain and leather. These watches are stylish with an air of sophistication.

3. Skagen

When you’re in the middle of choosing the perfect watch; do not forget this brand. Skagen’s Signature Slim Mesh Strap Watch is quite popular among ladies regardless of age. Skagen’s designs are simple and with minimum aesthetic appearance. Modern with a classic touch.

15 Best Women Watch Brands

4. IWC Schaffhausen

Swiss luxury watches brand holds the dreams of countless women across the globe. One of the most popular styles: the Da Vinci Automatic is praised by millions of females, worldwide. To give it a more feminine touch; the brand integrates a raspberry shade strap. Concluding the watch with a silvery-white dial and twenty-five diamonds accumulating 0.94 carats.

5. Henry London

A world of British watches, this brand aces in all: style, money worth, design, and quality. There’re numerous styles available, but Unisex Heritage is the most sought-after among all. A perfect mix of modern design with customary horology proficiency, we find classic styles in the collection.

15 Best Women Watch Brands Around The World

6. Rotary

Another Swiss watch is one of the best women watch brands that made its way into the list. Excellent quality and a must-have piece in your watches collection; they’re in watchmaking business since 1895. Women favor the Stainless Steel Oxford Diamonds style for everyday use. The pink face, as well as twelve encrusted diamonds around the face, made it a woman’s best friend. Another feature that made this watch more reliable is its water-resilient element. You can wear it without any worry.

Best Women Watch Brands

7. Omega

Established in 1848; this Swiss brand is notorious in the world. Manufacturing watches for all; the brand is known to be luxury with unparalleled exclusiveness. For this watch, we need a hefty sum; but it’s worth it. With multiple collections: Constellation, Seamaster and Speedmaster; women wear these watches with pride. These watches are simple, urbane, and quite comfortable to wear; Omega had been a significant player in the world of horology.

15 Best Women Watch Brands

8. Dolce &Gabbana

D&G is a great brand that blends practicality and artistic taste, which carries the mark of Italian fineness. D&G watches are manufactured in Italy, with a warranty of classiness with eminence. The stylish Sofia Pink Gold is quite famous among females. Simple yet elegant, these watches are crafted in symmetrical designs.

9. Kate Spade

There are unlimited watches for women to select the perfect design and style that suits them best. However; Kate Spade is another ideal brand to get yourself a new watch. All the designs are at their minimal aesthetics, making them perfect to wear is every occasion. A New York City brand; this watch is a female companion before and after five o’clock.

15 Best Women Watch Brands Around The World

10. Chanel

A watch manufactures and reaches you from the city of love Paris; every watch from collections is genuinely magnificent. No woman can live without a Chanel product; these are must-to-have in watches assembly. All the designs scream feminine aesthetics. Chanel watches are indeed expensive, but worthwhile.

11. Gucci

Discussing watches, we can never forget the ageless Gucci watches. For a fancier look, the brand manufactured perfect watches for women – an Italian brand that comes with a price. The quality of watches is what made them worthy; the quality of Gucci watches is said to be equal to Hamilton. The style 125 G- Series is a watch in black color which adds a more sophisticated look, versatile in appearance, and perfect with every outfit.

12. Invicta

A Swiss watch brand, which is famous worldwide. With there welcoming prices; this brand is perfect for female divers and athletes. The most renowned style 8939 Pro Diver is simply exquisite. With a silvery-white chain which gives it a rather expensive look, luminous hands which help the diver to keep track of time underwater.

15 Best Women Watch Brands Around The World

13. A Lange &SohneSaxonia

Fashion is all about being classy without going overboard. Same is the rule with watches – the simple the designs, the better they look. The style SaxoniaThin’s case is the right choice when you have to type on keyboards without making any noise. The dial has variants in color, thin as the name indicates and perfect for women who have slim wrists.

14. Citizen

A Japanese brand which is famous for decades. Though the brand is more towards practicality rather than luxury; there are styles and designs considered fashionable and luxurious. The style Jolie is said to be perfect for women who’re in search of contemporary yet chic watches. The dial has various crystals and other stones with flawless cases and straps.

15 Best Women Watch Brands

15. Chopard

Playing a substantial role in the watchmaking industry since 1976, Chopard watches are one of the best women watch brands. Manufacturing exquisite watches for women; the style Happy Sports Diver is most favorite of all. Though pretty expensive; it is eye-catching and encompasses women’s best friend: diamonds.

In a Nutshell

There is no way a smartphone can replace contemporary watches ever. They’re easy-to-wear, hassle-free because you don’t have to fish a watch out of your pocket or bag like your smartphone, and other practical uses. Watch is a revolution from history.

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