What is a Headshot: Top Rated Photographer in Vancouver for Headshots

What is a Headshot?

A headshot is used by actors and other professionals that is a photo taken of you with your shoulders and head showing. This acts as a business card for these professionals. They are usually 8 x 10 photographs. They are usually in portrait mode, although sometimes they are in landscape mode. These are the first things that casting directors see when they are looking for new talent.

These headshots are your professional brand as an actor. They may be what gets you into seeing a casting director and gives you your big chance. They need to look professional to give you the best chance.

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This article will give you more information about headshots. It will give you some ideas on how to make them work for you. You can also do more research to find more information on the subject.

Headshots That Work for You

Why Are They Important for Actors?

Actors need headshots for many reasons such as online casting calls, submitting to agents and managers so they can possibly represent you, their personal acting website, professional profiles for social media, and marketing materials. This shows how important they are for you as an actor. You need a good headshot to represent yourself, more than one is even better.

They are also used for marketing materials that will represent you. You want your headshot to make you instantly recognizable, just like the logo of many national brands. You are pitching yourself as you would pitch a product to an advertising agency. Many actors will use their headshots as profile pictures on their social media accounts.

You will need digital copies of your headshots, as well as hard copies. Many casting directors want you to send a digital copy of them before they even see you. You will still need to bring a hard copy with your resume attached to the audition, it never hurts to carry it with you. If you are auditioning for theater productions, it is standard practice to bring them with you.

Headshot Guidelines

Your printed headshots should always be in color, be an 8 x 10, and have your name printed on the front. See here for more information. It is best if they are printed in portrait mode rather than landscape mode. This makes it easier for the director to look on the back for your resume.

Your name must be printed on the front to make it easier for directors. You can use any font that you choose as long as it is readable. If you have a border on your photo, you can print your name on it.

You will need to format your digital headshots. For most websites, your photo should be compressed and in .jpeg, .jpg, .ping file types. They should be high resolution which should be at least 300dpi. With a digital photo, you don’t want your name attached to it. A tighter shot that focuses on the eyes will get the attention of the director better.

How to Attach Your Resume

Your resume should be attached to the back of your photo. See here to learn why this is important. You want to staple it in each of the four corners about a quarter inch from the edges. You want to make sure that the staples’ pinchers are on the resume side. You don’t want them showing on your headshot.

You could print your resume directly onto your photo, but directors tend not to like this as much. They want to separate the two so that they can file them. It also makes it more difficult for you to update your resume.

What Makes a Good One?

You want a photo that looks like you in real life. The directory will use this to cast you for the parts they have available. You want your photo to show what you are capable of and who you are as an actor. You don’t want to have a photo that doesn’t look like the real you.

You want the photo to portray your brand, your type, possible occupations, professionalism, age range, your socioeconomic background, and it is better if you can show your inner emotional life. You want the director to see the range of characters that you could play. You don’t want to show a one-dimensional headshot of yourself.

Do’s and Don’ts

You want to shop around for a photographer that makes you feel comfortable. This will make you look more comfortable in the photo. You don’t want to use your senior photo as your headshot, this won’t portray you as an actor.

You want to wear a little makeup, even if it is just a little powder. You don’t want to wear so much makeup that you can’t tell who you are. Wear flattering, solid colors instead of loud patterns or colors.

Prepare your looks so that you show your unique talents and booking goals. Don’t choose a pose that shows you against your type or the type that you want to audition for. Professionally format your headshots to industry standards and don’t airbrush all your freckles or laugh lines out of the picture. You may be chosen because of these attributes.

Choosing a Photographer

The best way to find a photographer that fits your needs is to ask your fellow actors for referrals. Look at their headshots and make a list of your favorites. You can then ask them about the photographer who took the shots.

You don’t want a friend to take the photos and you don’t want to use selfies. Both of these are seen to be in bad taste and won’t get you an audition. You want a professional that has done headshots so that they can show the essence of who you are.


Headshots are important for you as an actor. You want them to show who you are as a professional. You want to make sure that you choose the right photographer to do the job. You also want to make sure that you format the photos for industry standards.

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