3 Simple Ways to Get Rid of Foot Ordor

Almost people can be suffering from foot odor, even for the cleanest people. The main reason causing it is the combination of the excessive perspiration and bacteria. This problem can be embarrassing. However, there are many ways to get rid of it. And, you will get the best results if you follow them for some time. Some ways can help to solve the issue within a week. Read this post to learn about 3 simple ways to get rid of foot ordor.

1. Cleaning Your Feet

Scrub your feet. It’s not enough to get rid of any bacteria as well as dead skin cells by a quick rub with soapy water in the shower. Therefore, it’s essential to combine washing your feet with exfoliating the entire surface of your foot with a brush, or another abrasive mechanism. Also, don’t forget to use anti-bacterial soap. It’s great to scrub between your toes.

Dry your feet. Remember to dry your feet completely. Indeed, it’s really important to take the time to dry them thoroughly if you don’t want to create a fertile breeding ground for bacteria because of moisture, water, or sweat.

Use hand sanitizer. You may not know this way can also help to kill germs on your feet or inhibit bacterial growth.

Use antiperspirant. You can use one type of antiperspirant for both under your arms and your feet. The thing you need to do just is getting a separate stick for each area. After dry your feet at night, put your socks in the morning to keep them dry and fresh during the day.

Keep a mixture of 1/2 regular vinegar and 1/2 isopropyl alcohol. Use a medicine dropper for dribbling over and between your irritated skin on the feet as well as the toes. Then, spread it. Both the vinegar and the alcohol are harmless to your skin. They are also to get rid of toe fungus on contact. Plus, you can add a few of thyme oil drops and backing soda in order to get rid of stinky smells.

Rub your feet with some types of powders In order to combat foot ordor, you can use some foot powders and sprays such as talcum powder, corn starch, and baking soda. In deed, the talcum powder purposes to dry out your feet because this is an astringent. Then, backing soda aims to make an alkaline environment to prevent bacteria. Last, corn starch can be able to absorb sweat.

2. Freshening Your Footwear

Wear sandals or open-toed shoes. These shoes will help to let the air flow around your feet. So, they are kept cool without producing as much sweat. Moreover, it’s better to wear leather or canvas shoes during colder months. You shouldn’t come to rubber and plastic shoes for these months to keep your feet breathable.

Change your socks daily. Make sure you wear socks that can absorb your sweat. At the same time, dry them when you take them off. True, you can get rid of a foul smell if you wear a dirty pair of socks for the second day. It’s essential to change your socks daily. It’s better to always wear socks, especially when you don’t wear open shoes. This helps to take the moisture off the foot. We recommend you to get absorbent socks made of cotton or wool because they are non-absorbent socks. So, they can trap moisture around your foot as well as make a cozy little nook for bacteria.

Lightly powder shoes and socks daily with baking soda.You know, baking soda can be able to absorb moisture as well as ordor.

Use cedar wood or cloves to freshen shoes. This trick can also help to make the ordor disappear after a few day. You just need to put cedar wood shavings inside your shoes for a few days.

Use cedar wood insoles. It’s a great idea to use cedar wood insoles. In fact, The natural cedar wood essential oils can be able to fight bacteria and C, nail fungus, and athlete’s foot.

Rotate your shoes. It’s essential to dry your feet completely to avoid setting bacteria up camp in there. You have to take at least 24 hours for this.

Wash your shoes regularly. You can wash your shoes by a washing machine as long as these shoes dry thoroughly before you put them on.

Remove your shoes often. To helps the shoes and your feet stay drier, you should remove your shoes whenever you are taking a break.

Use a shoe dryer. Use a dryer to slowly and completely dry wet and sweaty shoes. Also, it can help to eliminate the moisture. Your shoes can also last longer.

3. Using Home Remedies

Use bleach. Use two tablespoons of bleach. Then, add them to a gallon of warm water. It’s perfect to soak your feet in this water for 5 to 10 minutes per day one week. Also, use a baby oil for your skin when needed.

Do a tea soak. Place your feet in tea 30 minutes a day in order to dry out your skin.

Apply aluminum acetate. Soak your feet in the mixture of 1 packet Domeboro powder in 1 pint of water for 10-20 minutes at a time. That helps to dry your feet.

Put baby powder in your shoes. Put baby powder or baking soda in your shoes as well as your socks to dry out any future odors.

Clean your feet with a pumice stone on a daily basis. By this way, you can remove the dead skin, Moreover, you can also prevent the bacteria from forming.


If you have foot ordor, you may get a nuisance to you as well as your family and friends. Therefore, you need to say good bye to the nose-punching smell with the interplay of knowledge, a good attitude, and dedication. Hope with our sharing on this post, you can easily get rid of foot ordor. Good luck!

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