Benefits of Brow Microblading

Women take beauty very seriously. How they look and present themselves is essential to them. It boosts their confidence and self-esteem. Beauty ranges from skincare to cosmetics, pedicure, manicure, and many more. It is typical to see women trickle into salons and beauty shops to do their makeup. The most challenging step of the makeup process is learning how to do the eyebrows. It is for this reason that most ladies prefer eyebrow microblading to improve their appearance.

Microblading is a tattooing procedure of the brows to make them look fuller. These are some of the benefits of an individual having their eyebrows micro-bladed.

It Saves Time

Have you ever noted how long ladies take to get ready for date nights? What could be making them take ages to get dressed? The most challenging step is always filling brows to make them look fuller. First, one has to trim the eyebrows if they are thick before shaping and filling them. It is a long hectic process.

Microblading is, however, time-effective. Once you have your brows micro-bladed, you will not waste a lot of time preparing either to go out or to work. Morning preparations will only take a few minutes to get ready and leave.

 It Saves Money

To do your face beat, you have to have all the available tools. These are makeup brushes, concealer, eyeliners, eye pencils, eye shadows, and many more. To have the best quality of these, you will have to part with a good amount of money. These tools do not last a lifetime, and once they get old, broken, or you lose them, you have to buy others.

It is at this point that brow tattooing comes in handy. With this, you save a pretty good amount. You no longer have to worry about purchasing eyebrow tools. Unlike doing your brows, where you have to shop for new makeup tools every once in a while, micro-blading lasts you up to three years. You save yourself three years of either having to pay a makeup artist to do your face or buying the brushes. Read more here

Eyebrow Blueprint

Have you ever taken your time and watched ladies in town and how they have done their eyebrows? Some shapes will send you into fits. Eyebrows are supposed to be of the same shape, size, and length. They are supposed to be “sisters,” as women would put it. However, most ladies walk around with their eyebrows in all manner of shapes. Most of them look surprised all the time or like a clown.

Arguably, different makeup artists will shape your brows differently. Some do it nicely and professionally, while some are unsatisfactory. The professionals will measure your brows with micro-blading to achieve a similar size and shape. The measurement is called the “Golden Ratio.” It creates a natural blueprint on your brow area. The advantage of it is that you will use those measurements again every time you want to redo your bows.

There is No Upkeep

Ever done your brows, and in the day you forget about it and scratched your brows? The thing with filling your brows with an eye pencil is that it smudges or smears off. You cannot scratch at an itch on your brows because it smears off.

The only slightly tricky step of brow tattooing is the process and the healing process. However, once it is done and healed, you continue your routine as if nothing happened. Microbladed eyebrows are just like natural ones.

You can swim, work out, scratch, and wipe them off without fear of a smear or a smudge. You can also wash your face as much as you want without the worry of washing them away. There is no hassle in maintaining this kind of brows because they are waterproof.

It is Painless And Fast

The first thought that comes to mind when you think of microblading is the pain that you will undergo during the process. However, you can only feel minor pressure or slight discomfort.

Before the procedure begins, the technician smears a numbing cream on the area to be worked on. You do not have to worry about needle stings because anesthesia is not used. The numbing ointments work, and one should not feel pain. The process is so relaxing that it makes some go to sleep.

Filling in the brows with a pencil can take approximately half an hour or more, depending on how good you are. It can be strenuous to get them to look similar and good. On the other hand, the microblading process only lasts two hours. For only two hours, you get to have the best eyebrows that will serve you a good two years. Click here to read more.

You Can Choose More Than One Look

As discussed earlier, eyebrows come in different shapes. We all have different brow shapes that blend in with our faces. Everyone has a preferred size and shape they want for their eyebrows. Some may want them to look fuller, while some want them sharp. Before your procedure begins, your technician should ask you to choose the kind of look you want, or they can help you select a shape that best suits your face. So, the brow types range from sculpted, ombre, and full brows, to mention a few.


Microblading is a blessing in disguise to people who have lost their eyebrows due to an illness. So, a cancer patient who has gone through chemotherapy and lost all hair can opt for micro-blading to regain natural-looking eyebrows. Like any other procedure, micro-blading has its downside. The primary is infection to the eyebrows. However, this can be avoided when you research the technician you choose. Ensure they are clean, licensed, and professional. You can do this successfully by going through their websites and reading customer reviews. You can also ask a friend or colleague who has their eyebrows tattooed to refer you to their technician. To avoid the hassles and rushed morning preparations, have semi-permanent eyebrows.

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