July 26, 2017

All You Need To Know About Buying a Natural Organic Mattress

There are many important factors that can have a tremendous impact on the quality of your sleep. The mattress is one of them. We usually spend a lot of time in our bed;therefore, we should be entitled to reject anything which is less than a perfect mattress. For starters, an eco-friendly environment can help us by slumbering in a healthy way. By doing this, we will ultimately help the environment become less toxic. It will also reduce the chances of allergies and will definitely amplify the quality of your family’s health. Unfortunately, there is so much information available in scattered form that one might get confused by reading them. Here are some tips so that you can buy the perfect eco-friendly mattress.

All You Need To Know About Buying a Natural Organic Mattress

Select an organic mattress

Synthetic fabrics generally contain quantities of plastic and other harmful chemicals. These chemicals might get absorbed by your skin. So, avoiding such materials would be wise. But cotton is not a better option either. A huge amount of pesticides and herbicides are used in the cultivation of cotton. Research indicates that even after finishing the textile product, there remainsa major portion of those chemicals as a residue that can affect your health in a detrimental way.
Make sure you buy something with pure natural fill and fabrics that are organically dyed so you might escape the harsh effects of harmful chemicals.

Avoid Spring Mattresses

Spring mattresses with a natural padding might be less expensive for you, but that can cost you a healthy lifestyle. So, it’s wise to reconsider while other options are still available. Spring mattresses are known for fostering dust mites since there are plenty of cavities and dark places available inside this type of mattresses. Dust mites feed on your skin cell that you shed naturally. Having them on your bed would be an invitation to allergies. Also, a much newer research has shown there might be a relation between a spring mattress and a terrible disease named melanoma cancer. Keep in mind, that dust mites are common in every type of mattresses. Controlling their growth should be your goal for a less unhealthy environment.

A plethora of materials options for you

While wool might be a welcoming option as the material for your bed, there are also other kinds of options available as well. Organic cotton which can be found in loom and leaf mattress is a viable alternative for many sleepers. Rubber or latex that is harvested through environmental practices is also good. But whatever you buy, make sure the brand has100% organic seal on the product.


If you buy a natural organic mattress and instead of using an organic sheet you cover it with something that is not good for you health (such as synthetic dyed bed sheets), then your whole attempt to have a healthy life might go in vain. Bedding is also an integral part of your sleep. It would be wise to look for something that is made of organic cotton or wool.