The Best Sous Vide Cooking Benefits

What is Sous Vide Cooking?

The sous vide cooking technique has become extremely popular in recent years, both for commercial use as well as at-home cooking. Sous vide translates to “under vacuum” in French, which helps to explain just how the cooking process works. When cooking using the sous vide method, food is vacuum sealed into an airtight bag and then cooked in a preheated water bath, hence where the translation of the term comes from. It’s considered to be a low and slow cooking method, primarily because the water bath is typically set to a lower temperature and the food is cooked for a longer period of time.

The great thing about using the sous vide method is that it helps to bring out the food’s natural flavors and integrity that many other cooking methods tend to lack. As the food is cooked at a lower temperature throughout the day, it allows the food to break down and release its natural flavors and juices. Those juices then remain in the vacuum-sealed back, allowing the food to cook and absorb those natural flavors. Because of this, the sous vide method also requires little to no preparation work beforehand such as marinating your dish or using other tenderizers and seasonings. If you’re not much of a chef yourself, there are other options available to you as well such as purchasing some sous vide prepared dishes from companies that specialize in the preparation of sous vide meals.

What are the Benefits of Cooking Sous Vide Style?

There are several unique benefits associated with cooking using the sous vide method. Outlined below are the best sous vide benefits that are causing many at-home chefs to adopt this amazing cooking method.

Better Quality

Quality is the single most important thing you’ll gain in your dish when cooking using the sous vide method. The sous vide method also helps to break down cuts of meat typically thought to be cheaper and tougher. Again, this is because the food is cooked for a longer period of time, as it allows the tendons and ligaments typically found to be tougher in those cuts of meat to break down. As a result, you end up with a delicious and tender cut of meat regardless, making this a great option when it comes to cooking tougher cuts of meat commonly thought to be cheaper such as pork chops, duck, and turkey.

The method also helps to truly seal in the nutrients of the dish being cooked and allows the dish’s natural flavors to be absorbed. This makes each and every dish you create using this method that much richer and more flavorful. Not only that but the dishes will also be cooked to your desired texture and consistency.


The sous vide method is also extremely great for those with their health and nutrition in mind. It’s a great option for preparing both healthy and delicious meals for you and your family. As mentioned previously, the method truly works to lock in flavors and nutrients, meaning that seasonings, marinades, and tenderizers aren’t required. The sous vide method truly works to preserve the food’s natural flavors, unlike other alternative cooking methods. If you’re cooking or preparing a sous vide meal to eat later, preservatives and other additives aren’t required either.


The sous vide cooking method is also extremely versatile, as you can cook just about anything you desire using this cooking method. There’s a large misconception today that sous vide style cooking is only to be used for cuts of meat, which couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, you can cook any of the following using the sous vide method.

  • Pork chops
  • Turkey breast
  • Chicken breast
  • Eggs
  • Steaks
  • Seafood
  • Pasta dishes
  • Yogurt
  • Crème fraîche 
  • Cocktails
  • Custards
  • Cheese
  • Ice Cream

There are even more options available that you can discover by looking up sous vide recipes of your own.


Last, but certainly not least, the sous vide method is extremely convenient for at-home chefs. It’s thought to be one of those “set it and forget it” types of cooking, similar to the mindset of cooking in a crock pot. After preparing your dish and submerging it into the preheated water bath, you can leave it go for the amount of time needed to cook the dish without checking up on it, stirring it, or any other common inconveniences associated with other cooking methods. These dishes can also be prepped ahead of time and stored in a freezer for cooking at a later date. This cooking method is also a great option regardless of the occasion. Whether you’re cooking for a simple family dinner or cooking a nice meal for a get-together with family and friends, the sous vide cooking method is bound to impress.

If you’re looking for a new cooking method to try out, or simply looking for a cooking method that requires little to no preparation and clean up, the sous vide method has you covered. Consider giving the sous vide method a try! Who knows, it may become your new personal favorite!

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