March 14, 2018

Continental continues to attract the Indians

Food connects people and mixes cultures. Same thing must have happened when the Indian Royals would have shared the table with the Britishers. Can you ever imagine a Rajput Royal sharing the dal baatichurma with a British who loves bread! That kind of similar feeling I had, while I was recently sharing my breakfast table with a German girl.

On one of the long weekends I made a trip to a yoga retreat session. Apart from releasing my stress by learning how to breathe and unlearning the wrong perceptions about life, I made a new friend from another country and an entirely different culture – a German Girl. The amazing part was we had our food together on the last day before bidding adieus. Being an Indian, loving spices is in my DNA and she being a German, is averse to all the spices. Obviously we customized our orders as per our preferences. The interesting part is this girl learnt how to order a South Indian dosa with a German flavor – the same curry and chutney with no chillies, devoid of strong spices. Her food tasted like some new vriant of my all-time favorite South Indian food.

On one hand, Indian cuisine has varieties of vegetarian and non-vegetarian options with diverse spices and lentils being used to cook the food. On the other hand continental food uses least or no spices with the food being baked or grilled. This food finds its origin in Europe and other western countries. California club sandwich or chili garlic bread are the gifts of this cuisine which have become a part of the modern day Indian snacks. With heavy traffic and long queues in restaurants, the working class defines a perfect evening with relaxing music, comfort of the home and a plethora of options to order food online.

Hence, we see how easily we Indians have fallen for and are accustomed to the continental Food to an extent that we can easily order food online for our early breakfast or dinner with an impromptu celebration. Recognizing our love for potato wedges, the grilled sandwiches are served along with it. The normally less spicy food has merged the Indian flavors quite well and includes options like five spice chicken fried rice along with spinach cheese sandwich a fruit bowl is served in combo.

Not only the food delivery apps have made our lives easier and tastier but they have also made us lazier. Reaching home late at night after a series of meetings, ordering food on the way and getting it delivered at home has become a norm. It is worth noting that the operations and logistics of the food delivery vendors like FreshMenu play a great role in serving the hungry stomach. To serve hot and freshly prepared food requires quality checks and precautionary measures too. In an era of smart consumers, not only restaurants but food delivery service providers too, go an extra edge to widen the smiles on the customers’ faces.