What is NewsforShopping?

We are a buyer’s and Supplier’s or individual’s representative offering buyer’s connect their required Supplier’s and buyer’s can collect genuine information about any products or buyer’s known their buy products where sales less prices ,Supplier’s or individuals promote their free worldwide.

Do I have to sign any contract for my  provide information or promote products ?

No, there is never a contract for our provide information or promote products.

I am not sure which product to buy. Can you assist me?

Sure. Our associates are always there to assist you through live chat on the site. Alternatively you can Contact Us.

Getting busy tone on Contact number?

Need not worry. Due to assisting other customers you might get busy tone. In that case you can call us later or may visit Contact Us page for other methods to reach us.

How do I get registered with NewsForShopping?

On the Home Page of the site at the right upper corner there is a Sign Up option. You can get registered by clicking that link.

Cant remember my account credentials

Not worry just click on Forgot Password link. Follow the screen.

Finding the right supplier has taken lot of time away from your business?

Not to worry. Here at NewsForShopping you only find the verified suppliers not like local listing sites. Just type what you need and we show you the relevant and verified suppliers for that.