A walk-in bathtub could make bath time safer and easier

One of the best bathroom fitting inventions would have to be the walk-in bathtub. It is not only convenient but also safe to use. In fact, these tubs are purposefully installed in households, hotel rooms, and retirement homes to curb bathroom accidents. They are very comfortable and offer a huge relief to the elderly and people with mobility issues.

Their design

Just as the name suggests, the walk-in tub has a design that enables users to walk straight into the bath tub. Simply open the door and step into the tub. It has an inbuilt seat where you sit down comfortably while enjoying a warm bath. The doors are watertight to prevent water leaks from the tub, while the controls are at arms level. You won’t have to bend or stand when turning the water on or off.

Now, there are dozens of additional features which vary from one walk-in bathtub to the next. The high-end models come with shower wands, high-speed drains, bubbling jets, and sophisticated temperature controls. The more features a bathtub has, the pricier it becomes. For those with enough money to spend, you can have the tub customized as per your needs, décor preference, and style too.

The tall tub walls make it possible for users to enjoy a neck-deep immersion that is characterizedby regular hot tubs or natural hot springs. An in-line water heater, on the other hand, keeps the water temperature warm for as long as your bath lasts. Older adults can make use of grab bars and the tub walls to position or support themselves while getting up and out of the walk-in bathtub.

The pros

Apart from enhancing bathroom safety, and making life easier for the elderly, the walk-in bathtub comes with several other benefits. For one, a home with a walk-in tubinstalled has more value compared to one with the regular tub. If you reside in a retirement community.It gives your property an edge over others in the market. The other benefit is the peace of mind that comes with knowing that neither you nor any of your family members are at risk of slipping in the bathroom.

The hydro massage jets are features you will love on this bathtub. The hydrotherapy feeling is incredibly rejuvenating, especially after a long and tiring day at work.

The downside

Well, just like with most equipment, the walk-in bathtub has a few shortcomings you should know about. First, you must enter the tub and shut the door before turning on the water. The problem here is that the tub takes large volumes of water, therefore requires more time to fill up. All this you are supposed to be inside the tub waiting. Similarly, after you have finished, the water must drain off before you can open the door.
Getting the right water temperature can also be a challenge for those models that lack their temperature controls.

What to look for

The most important point with these walk-in bathtubs is to take your time and search for the right one. Evaluate your needs and take into consideration other users of the tub. Its size has to accommodate all kinds of people. Mostly tall and plump individuals. You should also confirm if your house has enough space to install the walk-in bathtub.

Be sure to seek clarification in areas that are unclear. Better still, you can tag a reputable plumber along to help in decision making. After all, seeing that you will have to hire one along the way, why not incorporate plumbing services from the onset? A plumber’s knowledge and experience would be invaluable in picking the right tub. Make a point of trying out a display model before finalizing the deal with a manufacturer or retailer.

Lastly, you can check out the warranty for the bathtub. Here, you should be keen on lengthy warranties with favorable terms. It always comes in handy in future whenever there is a complication or malfunction.Overall, the gains that come with the walk-in bathtub outweigh the shortcomings by far. You can be sure of getting value for your money when you install the tub in your premises.

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