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DNA Testing and Forensic Science are highly-specialized procedures mandating extreme precision, awareness, and validation. Sorenson Forensics best forensic lab is verified to execute an extensive variety of chemistries across a diverse spectrum of state-of-the-art forensic DNA testing technology platforms.

Forensic Science & DNA testing are very convoluted subjects when combined together and only a forensic DNA laboratory with specialist and trained forensic scientists, and processing techniques can provide the highest level of interpretation. The accuracy must assure quality forensic DNA testing results that can withstand rigorous inspection.

Sorenson Forensics understands the importance of its work and the lives it touches. As a result, they have invented built-in redundancies for assessments and balances, introduced distinctive quality validation measures, and optimized approaches befitting our world-class laboratory status.

What are the three things Sorenson Forensics assures?

The three things Sorenson Forensics assures are:


It is a message of personal pledge, both to themselves and to the people they serve, to perform with outstanding precision and deliver reliable results.


Above everything else, at Sorenson Forensics they pursue a quality-centric direction. The desire for a quality-first culture incorporates its mission to emphasize quality over quantity.


In their institution, this is critical and their priority. Their leaders commit to sustaining open lines of communication backing the value customers have in their business.

What scenarios require Forensic DNA testing?

The science of forensic DNA testing has been demonstrated to be critical in the examination of sexual assaults, murders, and other violent offenses in addition to numerous other crime scene scenarios.

DNA analysis and forensic biology testing are scientific and thus unbiased techniques that provide valid evidence for the prosecution and/or defense in criminal investigations.

Sorenson Forensic’s ample experience and attentive training deliver a level of dedication to quality and accuracy that displaces all else. Together they provide answers to questions and a voice for sufferers.

How can Sorenson Forensics help you?

Their long-established prominence for superiority in the industry speaks volumes about their team’s absolute devotion to precision, accuracy, cooperation, and obtaining results for their clients.

The different types of facilities available are Y-STR Analysis, Y-Screening, Touch DNA, STR Analysis, M-Vac Collection, Infidelity Testing, Expert Witness Testimony, Criminal Paternity, BP Sentry Probabilistic Genotyping, and Bone Testing.

They listen, get to know you, and then start coming up with solutions to help you get the job done better. They have committed to victim advocacy and want to bring justice to everyone.

How are they making a difference?

The number of cases in which they have helped around the United States is extensive. It includes 4000 victims assisted in the Houston area itself as stated by the Houston Police Department. 700 cases assisted in the Tennessee region. 4000 cases again in Detroit, 2000 victims in Los Angeles, and 1000 cases in Colorado.

They are also the proud partner of the American Investigative Society of Cold Cases.

How do they conduct these tests?

As mentioned above they have a variety of tests that can cost anywhere from $60 to $500. Most of the tests are conducted in the lab but some can be taken from the convenience of your home.

The process of taking these tests depends on the number of samples that are needed to be collected and what kind of tests are taken.

They provide very accurate results that are considered to be a benchmark which makes them an obvious choice for any legal case. 

How does the result assist?

The lab through its quality pledge,  promises to consistently provide not just professional, but dependable DNA services.

Their verified DNA experts cooperate closely with law enforcement agencies, crime labs, and defense, and prosecuting attorneys which results in bringing justice to the victims.

They have an extraordinarily satisfactory track record from the past so the results are always dependable and authentic.


Sorenson Forensics best forensic lab for delivering significant Forensic and DNA tests. They provide incomparable types of assistance. They are considered to be the leaders in their field and provide precise results.

To understand how accurate they are we must know that they have tie-ups with several best law enforcement agencies all over the United States. They also have the most acceptable track record in delivering assistance in several scientific inquiries.

Their pledge has achieved them prominence for taking out rapid results that too with precision every time. They supply a wide range of competent tests.

This presents separate agencies’ results which permits them to carry out swift action confidently. This could be the reason why this lab is considered the best. It is receiving attention around the globe, especially in the United States of America. The results help both victims and suspects be it any crime and bring them justice.

FAQs about :

Where is the lab located?

They have moved all their operations into their newly constructed customized facility in Draper, Utah in the United States of America.

How many employees do they have?

The lab currently employs 50-200 individuals in their different departments.

How much does the test cost?

The cost of the test always depends on the type of test that is to be conducted. Their test can cost anywhere from $60 to $200 dollars per test.

Are the results of the test reliable?

The results of the test are extremely reliable as they are accredited by the renowned ANAB Forensic Testing Laboratory and American Society of Crime Laboratory Directors.

How can you contact the lab?

They can be contacted via their official website. You can download a form and fill it out to get in touch for a free consultation.

What are the main services provided by them?

They mainly provide two types of services i.e Forensic Data Testing and Forensic Software.

How long does it take to get the results?

Depending on the case they can provide results from 2-3 days which can go up to 60 days.

How accurate are these results?

The results in most tests provide a 99.9% accuracy which makes them ideal to be used by different law forces so they can bring justice to victims.

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