March 2, 2019

Tips to Save Money on Baby Stuff

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You may love your little bundle of joy but do you know it can cost you big. Not everyone’s a natural-born money saver. But now, you have got a baby, knowing how to budget is a must.

In order to save money on your baby products, you can visit baby shops during the sale to get the products at discounted prices. If you want to save more then you can read these tips which are mentioned in the article below.


There are many moms out there that recommends buying no-name diapers for daytime and saving pricier brands for night sleeping as high absorbency is necessary during the night time. So, using a non-brand or cloth diapers during the day can save you some money.

Whereas you can also buy disposable diapers which means that the changing rate for clothes need not to be too high. Also, choose no more than five baby sets and buy only when needed.

Moreover, you can also buy secondhand clothes from consignment shops or buy clothes during the sale.

Bed and Bassinets

As your baby will spend 14-16 hours in bed, this makes it important to choose the right bed for them. Since you are on a budget, avoid cribs as they are only used in the very first weeks of life. Instead, you can buy a bed which is a better option than the crib.

Sometimes a travel cot can be a better option as it has no bars where the baby can stick their head or bang it. These travels costs are less expensive and stay safe and can play freely as well. Moreover, travel costs are also compact which makes them easy to move around.

Baby Carriage

Baby carriages are usually used to carry babies around and are available in a number of colors and shapes and with many accessories as well. While the choice of a carriage is your personal as it depends on your lifestyle, habits, home, surrounding, etc.

The primary purpose of the carriages is to enable you to take out your baby without having to carry them all the time. You can use them at home as well. As you need to carry the baby in a carriage, choose a lightweight carriage that fits perfect for your newbie.

Baby Carrier

If you want to carry your baby around then consider buying a baby carrier. They are great as they are able to hold your baby all the time near your heart and still have your hands free. This means that you can do multiple things like shopping and other activities. While keeping your baby near you and talking to them is a very natural process that will them in development.

Breastfeed As Long As Possible

Experts recommend breastfeeding your baby until they reach the age of 1. Breast milk will also help your baby’s brain to develop. You can also buy baby formulas to mimic breast milk but it will add up the cost. Moreover, if you want to store breast milk then you can buy breast pumps which will help you to store breast milk when you are not around.

Buy In Bulk

You already know that you will need lots of things like diapers and formulas then but it in bulk in order to save some money and storage is not an issue.

Make Your Own Food

As soon as your baby starts eating solids, toss some cooked veggies into the blender with a bit of liquid and save the meals in ice trays. The extra money you will save will help you in buying other stuff.