A Quick Look at best LCD TV offers from Brands like LG, Samsung & Lloyd

The shape and size of television have drastically changed over the years.
Now, you can watch your favorite shows on a sleek and widespread screen instead of the bulky CRT TVs.
A television is also a necessity of a modern home to spend some time while watching cricket matches, movies, reality shows, music videos and more.
What’s more, the advent of Smart TV being launched by leading brands has enabled viewers to access all web shows and app content right on their TV screens.
If you wanted to invest in an LCD television, then you can find many TV offers from leading brands such as LG, Samsung, Lloyd and more.
Opting for TV offers from such known brands also mean buying quality TVs that will run for years to come.
Hence, here is a post that will showcase the best LCD TV offers from renowned brands in India. But, before you get on to the list, why not know what an LCD TV is in brief!

What is an LCD TV?

LCD TV is a television display technology that is based on the Liquid Crystal Display methodology. Compared to earlier lanced Plasma TVs, LCD TV consumes much fewer power units. It is because they work on the concept of blocking light instead of emitting it. Yes, liquid crystals do not directly emit light and use a reflector and backlight to generate images in monochrome or color.

Leading LCD TV offers from renowned brands in India

1) LG 32 Inch Full HD LCD TV

LG is one of the major consumer electronics companies operating in India that produces quality and affordable range of products, including LCD televisions. The LG 32 Inch Full HD LCD TV is one of the best LCD TV offers that you can get. Have a look at the vital elements of this LG LCD TV.
✔ 1920 x 1080 pixels Full HD 32-inch screen
✔ 10 W + 10 W speaker output
✔ 2 x HDMI ports
✔ 1 USB terminal
✔ DivX HD
✔ Intelligent sensor
✔ Flat Panel
✔ Stereo speakers
✔ Dolby Digital Surround Sound
The price of this LG LCD TV in India is around Rs.23,000.

2) Samsung 32 Inch Full HD LCD TV

Along with LG, Samsung is another leading consumer electronics brand in India that you can also rely on buying quality LCD TVs. The Samsung 32 Inch Full HD LCD TV comes with features to take your TV watching experience to the next level.
✔ 1920 x 1080 pixels Full HD 32-inch display
✔ Backlight type – LED
✔ Widescreen support – available
✔ USB support
The price of this Samsung LCD TV in India is around Rs.30,000.

3) Lloyd 24 Inch Full HD LCD TV

Lloyd is an emerging consumer electronics company in India that is manufacturing quality and affordable home appliances including durable LCD TVs and more. If you are looking to buy an LCD TV, then the Lloyd 24 Inch Full HD LCD TV may be the right choice. Let’s have a quick look at vital features of this Lloyd LCD TV.
✔ 1080 pixels Full HD 24 Inch display
✔ Ultra Slim LED
✔ Down firing audio system
✔ Certified A Grade Panel
✔ Power saver – helps you save up to 70% power
✔ Onscreen equalizer – available
✔ Auto volume leveler – available
✔ Picture mode – available
✔ 2D digital comb filter
✔ 1 USB port

If you want to install a medium-sized LCD TV in a small room, then you can buy this 24 inch Lloyd LCD TV in India at around Rs.20,000.
You are now aware of noted LCD TV models from leading brands in India that will help you enjoy a better TV watching experience.
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